There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a weekly radio show on Cambridge105 Radio. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM, on DAB digital and at

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Sunday, 27 December 2020

Playlist - Dec 27th 2020

The Dayna Stephens Quartet: Smoking Gun from Right Now! (Contagious Music)

Mauro Gargano: Nuages from Nuages (DigginMusic)

Chord Four: eii30 v2 from Bigger Smaller Nows (self-released)

Elina Duni & Rob Luft: Flying Kites from Lost Ships (ECM)

Alberto Pinton Trio: Never There Intro from All the Difference (Clear Now)

Alberto Pinton Trio: Dark from All the Difference (Clear Now)

Karin Nakagawa, Hans Tutzer & Paolino Dalla Porta: Colors of Autumn from Tamayura (Losen)

Santi Quintans’ Tiptrick : Clouds from Kiss the Joy (Yolk)

James Carney Sextet: Inharmonicity from Pure Heart (Sunnyside)

Alberto Pinton Trio: In Sight from All the Difference (Clear Now)

Dalgoo: Eens Oneens from Liberte' Egalite, Fraternite (Jazzwerkstatt)

The John Rae Trio: 5th Avenue from Where the Wild Clematis Grow (Thick)

The John Rae Trio: Where the Wild Clematis Grow from Where the Wild Clematis Grow (Thick)

Tani Tabbal Trio: Oh See OC Revisited from Now Then (Tao Forms)

Mauro Gargano: L’Isola di Arturo from Nuages (Diggin Music)

Tania Giannouli Trio: Night Flight from In Fading Light (Rattle)

Dalgoo: Listopad from Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite (Jazzwerkstatt)

Joshua Jaswon Octet: Maurice from Silent Sea (Ubuntu Music)

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