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Tuesday 26 April 2011

Forgotten Gems

Every so often I’ll be dusting off an album that deserves to be better known, in a series called Forgotten Gems. The first of these is a classic from the Hat catalogue....

Urs Blöchlinger Tettet:  Neurotica (Hat Art)

During his lifetime, Swiss saxophonist Urs Blöchlinger recorded in solo, medium and large group settings on labels such as Plainisphare, Unit and Creative Works. He performed with the cream of Swiss jazz talent (such as George Gruntz, Hans Kennel and Peter Schärli) as well as visiting musicians (Carla Bley, Tom Varner). He also wrote music for theatre and film.

Neurotica was recorded by his 7-piece Tettet and released as a double LP on Hat Art in 1984. The band comprised five Swiss musicians, reedsmen Hans Koch and Ruedi Häusermann, pianist Jürg Amman, bassist Thomas Dürst and drummer Dieter Ulrich, plus America trombonist Glenn Ferris.

Nine of the eleven tracks on the recording were written by Urs, with theatrical (!) titles such as King Arthur meets Hanns Eisler in Hollywood. The soloing is first class, and the arrangements appropriately quirky. There is a great energy to the album, and a sense of fun.

Urs took his own life at age 40 in 1995. Neurotica stands as reminder of a fascinating musician and an excellent band. Sadly it has never been released on CD.

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Jazz Today Playlist: April 20th 2011

Francesco Diodati’s Neko: Kort from Purple Bra (Auand)
Nate Wooley Quintet: Hands Together from (Put Your) Hands Together (Clean Feed)
Julio Resende Trio: You Taste Like a Song from You Taste Like a Song (Clean Feed)
Hugo Atunes: Anfra from Roll Call (Clean Feed)
R.I.S.S.: House of the Rising Sun from Color & Style (Unit)
Giovanni Maier: Leroy Vinnegar from The Talking Bass (Long Song)
Julio Resende Trio: Improvisacao (Call It Whatever) from You Taste Like a Song (Clean Feed)
Edouard Bineau: Maman Rose from Wared Quartet (Derry Dol)
Cylinder: Skipped Rocks from Cylinder (Clean Feed)
Keefe Jackson Quartet: Eff-time from Seeing You See (Clean Feed)
Ring Ensemble: 5000 miles Away from Ring Ensemble (Enja)
Francesco Diodati’s Neko: Finale Aspettato from Purple Bra (Auand)
Michael Attias: Vitesse de Laumiere from Twines of Colesion (Clean Feed)
Ken Filiano’s Quantum Entanglements: Shinobu from Dreams from a Clown Car (Clean Feed)
Alexey Kruglov: Russian Metaphor from Russian Metaphor (Leo)
Jon Lundbom & Big Five Chord: Faith-Based Initiative from Quavers! (Hot Cup)

Sunday 10 April 2011

Jazz Today Playlist: April 6th 2011

Prysm: Reflexion from Five (Plus Loin)
Giovanni Guidi: We Don’t Live Here Anymore from We Don’t Live Here Anymore (CAM Jazz)
Claudio Cojaniz Trio: Almost, Almost from Romantic Circle (Splasch)
Outhouse & Hilmar Jensson: Long Notes from Straw, Sticks and Bricks (Babel)
Fred Hess Big Band: Sooz Blooz from Into The Open (Alison)
Queen Mab Trio: Spiders Fingers from Thin Air (Stichting Wig)
Paul Williamson Quintet: Raven Hair from Far Away Here (Jazzhead)
Ring Ensemble: Trailer – Traumen, Was Sein Wind from Ring Ensemble (Enja)
Giovanni Guidi: Disturbing the Peace from We Don’t Live Here Anymore (CAM Jazz)
As If 3: Ball Shelly from Klinkklaar (Casco)
Zanotti / Bocchino: My Favourite Things from Jazz al Dente (Bonsai Music)
Gnu Quartet: Carta o Contanti from Jazz al Dente (Bonsai Music)
Marius Neset: Shame Us from Golden Xplosion (Edition)
As If 3: Afternotes from Klinkklaar (Casco)
The Dorf: Spin from Le Record (Leo)
Aquarium: Strangers from Aquarium (Babel)
Patrik Boman Seven Piece Machine: Dog Breath from Patrik Boman Seven Piece Machine (Arietta Discs)