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Tuesday 24 December 2019

Pete's Pick of 2019

Ten albums that I have really enjoyed over the past twelve months. If there is a theme to my selection then it's music that is unafraid of incorporating the history of jazz into a forward looking approach. Unafraid of melody with the contrast of dissonance.

Tracks from all these albums can be heard on my 2019 podcasts.

Tobias Wiklund – Where The Spirits Eat (Stunt)

This is Tobias’ debut under his own name, and presents a quartet of two Swedes and two Danes. Tobias cornet, Simon Toldam piano, Daniel Fredriksson bass and Lasse Morck drums.

Although the leader is equally adept at trumpet, here he focusses on the cornet. And you don’t get many brass players spotlighting the cornet in contemporary jazz. Kirk Knuffke comes to mind, but not many more.

Tobias has recently performed as part of Snorre Kirk's band. And whereas that ensemble takes a retro stance, here Tobias covers the history from traditional to free, with ten originals plus two numbers by Louis Armstrong.

From the heartfelt opening to the sombre closure, this is an inventive album from an excellent quartet.

Paolo Botti & La Fabbrica dei Botti – Lomax Lives! (Caligola)

Paolo is clearly besotted with the work of the late ethnomusicologist Alan Lomax and this is not the first of Paolo’s albums to pay homage. 'Lomax Lives!' features folk songs from Ireland, Italy, Spain, America and Haiti together with originals and numbers from Jelly Roll Morton and Muddy Waters. Twelve tracks divided into four medleys.

And Paolo’s no stranger to Jazz Today, having appeared before in small group, big band and solo settings. His music always captures a mix of humour and pathos rarely found elsewhere.

Here he splits his time between viola, mandolin, dobro and bowed psaltery. And he is accompanied by a first class Italian band that he calls La Fabbrica dei Botti, with the likes of Tony Cattano, Dimitri Grechi Espinoza and Zeno de Rossi on board. A nonet that sometimes alludes to the Banda tradition of their Italian homeland.

Magic. A real 'box of chocolates'.

Bite The Gnatze – Good Bike Fair Wheel (Trytone)

Jazz from the Netherlands. An album featuring  nine compositions from guitarist, banjo player Paul Pallesen, incorporating that typically quirky Dutch swing that I find so appealing. There are also touches of Ellington, contemporary classical and folk musics. 

The band has been together (in one form or another) for over two decades and I believe this is their 5th outing on record. Alongside Paul, the current line-up harbours Michel Duijves and Steven Kamperman on reeds, Joost Buis trombone, Frank van Bommel, keyboards, Meinrad Kneer, bass and Alan Purves on percussion.

And it’s my second pick featuring banjo. Most definitely an instrument making a comeback.

Good Bike Fair Wheel is released by the Trytone collective and was recorded in 2017 and 2018 somewhere between Amsterdam and Utrecht. The perfect spot for a bit of cycling……

Dave Douglas, Uri Caine & Andrew Cyrille – Devotion (Greenleaf)

An album released last May featuring the stellar line-up of Dave Douglas trumpet, Uri Caine piano, and Andrew Cyrille, drums.

All bar one of the compositions were written by the trumpeter. His devotees include Dizzy Gillespie, Mary Lou Williams, Carla Bley and the great Italian pianist Franco D’Andrea, a musician Dave has performed with on many occasions.

I’ve always enjoyed Dave’s work and to my ears this is possibly his best since the wonderful septet date 'In Our Lifetime'. The album harbours a soulful streak throughout with occasional nods to the Big Easy. It also occasionally borders on freedom creating a tension to proceedings. And, as is their nature, Uri and Andrew play their socks off!

Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet – Re-Collect (Not Two)

I first encountered Jeb Bishop in the late 90’s as part of Ken Vandermark’s influential band The Vandermark 5. Since then he has played significant roles with bands such as the Lucky 7’s, Mike Reed’s People Places and Things and Eric Hofbauer’s Five Agents (see below). He’s a world class trombonist adept at both mainstream jazz and free improv.

Here his Flex Quartet stake a claim in the middle ground, giving us 70+ minutes of stirring freebop, recorded live at The Hungry Brain in Chicago four years ago. On board are three of that city’s leading lights, trumpeter Russ Johnson, bassist Jason Roebke and drummer Frank Rosaly. 

Jeb provides them with six compositions to get their teeth into (and fingers, lungs and limbs), allowing plenty of space for extended improvisation. A fiery set, with the elegant ballad 'Sometimes' providing a peaceful oasis. Stirring stuff.

Eirik Hegdal – Musical Balloon (Particular)

As I’m prone to repeating, some of the most exciting and creative jazz over the past couple of decades has come from Scandinavia. One musician who has done his bit is Norwegian saxophonist Eirik Hegdal. Not only has he led the prestigious Trondheim Jazz Orchestra, but he also fronts Team Hegdal, a band that has turned up on previous Pete’s Pick listings.

His latest offering Musical Balloon was commissioned by, and recorded live at the Vossa Jazz Festival in Norway last year. And it must have been a fun occasion.

The sextet comes across as a mini version of the TJO, retaining the energy of that larger ensemble and retaining some of its members. Alongside Eirik are Eivind Lonning on trumpet, Mattias Stahl on vibes, Nils-Olav Johansen on guitar, banjo (!) and jaunty vocals, Ole Morten Vagen on bass and Jon Falt drums.

Contemporary jazz with a touch of the circus. Clowns, daredevils, jugglers, balloons….. they’re all here.

Eric Hofbauer – Book of Water (Creative Nation Music)

Boston-based Eric Hofbauer is a musician who encompasses the history of jazz guitar in his playing. He references everything from early blues to Derek Bailey, yet makes it his own. Check out his back catalogue, particularly his work with drummer Dylan Jack. He also has a penchant for sizeable projects such as his four album 'Prehistoric Jazz' series that he recorded with his quintet.

His recent album Book of Water is the first part of a multi-ensemble project addressing global issues. The album title alludes to the problem of climate change with composition titles taken from Ralph Waldo Emerson’s poem 'Water'. A duo album Book of Fire (sadly a major issue as I write this) is scheduled for release in early 2020.

The music on Book of Water comprises a suite recorded live in Massachusetts in the spring of 2018, performed by a top rung US band going by the name Five Agents; Jeb Bishop trombone, Jerry Sabatini, trumpet, Seth Meicht, tenor sax, Nate McBride, bass, and Curt Newton, drums. They produce music that is sometimes demanding but also has moments of swing and joyous polyphony. Serious issues reflected in serious music (…..even though the CD cover shows the leader being doused in the wet stuff!).

Monk Spent Youth – Monk Spent Youth (F-IRE)

An album that kicks off with a Thelonious Monk composition played on toy piano! There have been many takes on the music of TS Monk. Here’s one full of charm.

It comprises sixteen short tracks, featuring music written by, or inspired by the pianist, from a trio going by the wonderful name, Monk Spent Youth. It comprises multi-instrumentalist Zac Gvirtzman, cellist Ben Davis and percussionist, Fred Thomas.

Zac splits his time between various keyboards and bass clarinet, sometimes performing solo.  And the music retains the wonderful quirkiness of Monk’s compositions.

Colourful stuff. Monk refracted through a prism (rather than a Sphere?). The whole was recorded, mixed and mastered by Alex Bonney. I wonder how you mic up a toy piano?

Federica Michisanti Horn Trio – Silent Rides (Filibusta) 

It’s always exciting when you chance upon a new talent. In this case, bass player Federica Michisanti, and a band she calls her Horn Trio. And the horns concerned are top reedsman Francesco Bigoni and trumpeter Francesco Lento.

Federica hails from Rome, where she was classically trained and this is her 3rd release as leader. So although I say ‘chance upon a new talent’, I’m clearly behind the times. In fact Federica won second place in the New Talent Poll last year in the prestigious Musica Jazz journal.

The sparse instrumentation on Silent Rides allows plenty of space for the musicians to have their say. Often, it’s as if you’re overhearing a conversation between colleagues. A conversation that sometimes turns to heated discussion.

An album released at the end of 2018, but didn’t come my way until January. Not easy to locate, but worth searching out. Chamber jazz that incorporates free improv and reveals its secrets over time.

Petera Sextet – Flashover (Requiem – Lydian Series)

The debut as leader of pianist Dariusz Petera. A sextet featuring some of the leading protagonists of the thriving Polish jazz scene; trumpeter Emil Miszk, saxophonist Maciej Kociński, cellist Krzysztof Lenczowski, bassist Andrzej Święs and drummer Krzysztof Szmańda.

Seven originals from Dariusz, beautifully recorded in Lubrza Poland in February 2018. Driving postbop, with occasional touches of freedom. A striking debut from a band I'm sure would be great to hear live. 

As always, there are plenty more I wouldn’t be without:


Florian Weiss Woodoism – Refugium (Neuklang); Johnny Hunter – Pale Blue Dot (Northern Contemporary); Jurgen Kupke & Hannes Zerbe – Alles Hat Seine Zeit (Jazzhausmusik); Tomeka Reid Quartet – Old New (Cuneiform); Gebhard Ullmann Basement Research – Impromptus and Other Short Works (WhyPlayJazz); Per Texas Johansson – Strak Pa Himlen Och Stora Hus (Moserobie); Stahls Trio – Kalltorp Sessions Volume One (Moserobie); Bjorn Marius Hegge – Ideas (Particular); Baldo Martinez – Cuarteto Europa (Karonte); Ben Goldberg – Good Day For Cloud Fishing (Pyroclastic); Nature Work – Nature Work (Sunnyside); Ilmiliekki Quartet – Land of Real Men (We Jazz); Isabelle Olivier & Rez Abbasi – Oasis (Enja Yellowbird); Adalberto Ferrari 3 Ele-Ments – Unstable Watercolors (Dodicilune); Vorwarts Ruckwarts – Rewarding Environment (Trouble In The East); Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution – Won’t Put No Flag Out (BMC); Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc – 2.0 (Naïve); Mikael Mani Trio – Bobby (Smekkleysa); Lighthouse – Triple Amen (Kopasetic); The Workshop – More Conversations With The Drum (Onze Heures Onze); Here’s To Us – Animals, Wild and Tame (Hoob).

Sunday 22 December 2019

Playlist - Dec 22nd 2019

Gary Brunton, Simon Goubert & Bojan Z: Next Up from Night Bus (Juste Une Trace)
Vorwarts Ruckwarts: Rewarding Environment from Rewarding Environment (Trouble In The East)
Clair-Obscur: The Way of Adapting to Any Human Being from The Camomille (QFTF)
Isabelle Olivier & Rez Abbasi: Cherry Blossom from Oasis (Enja Yellowbird)
Joy Ellis: Veteran from Life on Land (F-IRE)
Joy Ellis: Daffodils from Dwell (Oti-O)
Samba Azul: Mambembe from Samba Azul (self-released)
Adalberto Ferrari 3 Ele-Ments: Mah from Unstable Watercolors (Dodicilune)
Sirkis/Bialas IQ: If Pegasus Had One Wing (He Would Fly In Spirals) from Our New Earth (Moonjune)
Vorwarts Ruckwarts: Sound Is All Around from Rewarding Environment (Trouble In The East)
Matt Ulery: Nerve from Delicate Charms (Woolgathering)
Elliot Galvin: Jackfruit from Modern Times (Edition)
Frode Kjekstad: The Dark Hour from In Essence (Losen)
Mortality: Mortality from Mortality (Eclipse)
Gary Brunton, Simon Goubert & Bojan Z: Ready For Riga from Night Bus (Juste Une Trace)

Sunday 8 December 2019

Playlist - Dec 8th 2019

Harish Raghavan: Newe from Calls For Action (Whirlwind)
Mike Nock, Hamish Stuart, Julien Wilson & Jonathan Zwartz: Riverside from This World (Lionsharecords)
Florian Hoefner Trio: Calvary from First Spring (ALMA)
Fredrik Ljungkvist Trio: Flykt from Atlantis (Moserobie)
Gwilym Simcock: Beautiful Is Our Moment Part II from Near and Now (ACT)
Gwilym Simcock: You’re My You from Near and Now (ACT)
Gwilym Simcock: Black Coffee from Blues Vignette (Basho)
Okidiki: Le Voyage Improbable de L’Insondable Haruki from When Oki Meets Doki (Linoleum)
Samba Azul: Casa Forte from Samba Azul (self-released)
Fredrik Ljungkvist Trio: So-do-so-do-re from Atlantis (Moserobie)
Florian Hoefner Trio: Hound’s Tune from First Spring (ALMA)
Gebhard Ullmann, Hans Ludemann, Oliver Potratz & Eric Schaefer: Enge Bewegnung from MikroPULS (Intuition)
Brian Groder Trio: Far Between from Luminous Arcs (Latham)
Soren Siegumfeldt String Swing: Everybody Knows from This Is Meschiya Lake (Stunt)
Escape Argot: Allowing (The Pride Question Mark) from You Me Them (Traumton)

Sunday 24 November 2019

Playlist - Nov 24th 2019

Marilyn Mazur, Fredrik Lundin & Kasper Bai: Vibe from Maluba Orchestra (Stunt)
Richard Andersson & Immer Grun: Evidence from What’s New (Hobby Horse)
Theo Ceccaldi Trio: Nin-Nin je T’aime from Django (Brouhaha)
Lyder Ovreas Roed: The Moon Doesn’t Drink from The Moon Doesn’t Drink (Jazzland)
Joy Ellis: Pollyanna from Dwell (Oti-O)
Rob Luft: Night Songs from Riser (Edition)
Alice Zawadzki: Superior Virtue from Within You is a World of Spring (Whirlwind)
Magpie Trio: Autumn Leaves (unreleased)
Jim Rattigan’s Pavillon: Crout’n Confusion from The Freedom of Movement (Three Worlds)
Fredrik Nordstrom, Palle Danielsson & Fredrik Rundqvist: Kvarteret Oron from Svensk Standard (El Dingo)
Wojcinski / Szmanda Quartet: Conclusions from With All Due Respect (Kansas)
Andrea Keller: Do Not Go Gentle from Transients Vol 2 (self-released)
Aaron Novik: Sunset from Rotterdam (self-released)
Aaron Novik: Garden from Rotterdam (self-released)
Joachim Caffonnette Trio: Inner Necessity from Vers L’Azur Noir (Neuklang)

Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoustiks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 10 November 2019

Playlist - Nov 10th 2019

Bite The Gnatze: Knorrepot from Good Bike Fair Wheel (Trytone)
Bowman Trio: Mac Elliot from Persistence (We Jazz)
Shake Stew: Keep Walkin from Gris Gris (Traumton)
Harry Bolt: Piece By Piece from Piece By Piece (Selective)
Rob Luft: Riser from Riser (Edition)
Stan Sulzman & Nikki Iles: My Man’s Gone Now from Star Dust (Jellymould Jazz)
Elliot Galvin: Change from Modern Times (Edition)
Marius Neset: Shame Us from Golden Xplosion (Edition)
Bite The Gnatze: Zonnetje Watertje Windje from Good Bike Fair Wheel (Trytone)
Zach Brock, Matt Ulery & Jon Deitemyer: Nightshade from Wonderment (Woolgathering)
Emilia Martensson: Arm Ourselves Against Ourselves from Loredana (Babel)
Emilia Martensson: Yag Unnar Dig Anda Alt Gott from Loredana (Babel)
The Workshop: Rebound from More Conversations With the Drum (Onze Heures Onze)
Resolution 88: Revolutions from Revolutions (Legere)
Better Than TV: Norway from Song From No Man’s Land (self-released)
Ezra Weiss Big Band: Blues and the Alternative Fact from We Limit Not the Truth of God (OA2)

Friday 1 November 2019

Jazz Today Online - Autumn 2019

Listen using the widget on the left or HERE

Per Texas Johansson: Borja Om Igen from Strak Pa Himlen Och Stora Hus (Moserobie). Per Texas Johansson, reeds; Mattias Stahl, vibraphone, marimba; Konrad Agnas, percussion.

Eric Hofbauer: Well Used, Adorning Joy from Book of Water (Creative Nation Music). Sethe Meicht, sax; Jeb Bishop, trombone; Jerry Sabatini, trumpet; Eric Hofbauer, guitar; Nate McBride, bass; Curt Newton, drums.

Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution: Won’t Put No Flag Out from Won’t Put No Flag Out (BMC). Daniel Erdmann, sax; Theo Ceccaldi, violin, viola; Jim Hart, vibraphone.

Jeppe Zeeberg: Looks Like Noodles To Me from Universal Disappointment (self-released).Laura Toxvaerd, alto sax; Petter Hangsel, trombone; Henrik Olsson, guitar; Jeppe Zeeberg, keyboards; Casper Nyvang Rask and Jeppe Skovbakke, bass; Anders Vestergaard, percussion.

Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc: It’s Real from 2.0 (Naïve). Stephane Belmondo, trumpet; Sylvain Luc, guitar.

Paolo Botti & La Fabbrica dei Botti: The Cuckoo from Lomax Lives! (Caligola). Paolo Botti, viola, mandolin, dobro, bowed psaltery; Gabriele Cancelli, trumpet; Tony Cattano, trombone; Dimitri Grechi Espinosa and Edoardo Marraffa, reeds; Enrico Tarragnoli, guitar, banjo; Mariangela Tandoi, accordion; Tito Mangialajo Rantzer, bass; Zeno De Rossi, drums.

Bjorn Marius Hegge: 4th Die Manschen from Ideas (Particular). Axel Dorner, trumpet; Rudi Mahall, bass clarinet; Havard Wiik, piano; Bjorn Marius Hegge, bass; Hans Hulbaekmo, drums.

Tomeka Reid Quartet: Ballad from Old New (Cuneiform). Tomeka Reid, cello; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Jason Roebke, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums.

Eirik Hegdal: Country March Balloon from Musical Balloon (Particular). Eirik Hegdal, reeds; Eivind Lonning, trumpet; Nils-Olav Johansen, guitar, banjo, vocals; Mattias Stahl, vibraphone; Ole Morten Vagan, bass; Jon Falt, drums.

Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet: Sometimes from Re-Collect (Not Two). Jeb Bishop, trombone; Russ Johnson, trumpet; Jason Roebke, bass; Frank Rosaly, drums.

Johnny Hunter: Endless Cruelties from Pale Blue Dot (Northern Contemporary). Mark Hanslip, sax; Gemma Bass, violin; Aby Vuliamy, viola; Michael Bardon, cello; Seth Bennett, bass; Johnny Hunter, drums.

Monday 28 October 2019

Playlist - Oct 27th 2019

Isabelle Olivier & Rez Abbasi: My Favourite Things from Oasis (Enja Yellowbird)
Lyder Ovreas Roed: Chrysanthemums and Crocuses from The Moon Doesn’t Drink (Jazzland)
Byron Asher: Blues Obligato from Skronch Music (Sinking City)
Gwilym Simcock & Yuri Goloubev: Antics from Reverie at Schloss Elmau (ACT)
Camilla George Quartet: Mama Wati from Isang (Ubuntu Music)
Julia Hulsmann Quartet: Quicksilver from In Full View (ECM)
Ant Law: Credits from Life I Know (Edition)
Christian Muthspiel & Steve Swallow: Let My Children Waltz from Simple Songs (In + Out)
Liran Donin’s 1000 Boats: Free from 8 Songs (Cavalo)
Lisa Hoppe’s Third Reality: Extraterrestrials Calling Home from The Mighty Unlikely (Jazzhausmusik)
Mike de Souza: Veritas Lux Mea fromSlow Burn (self-released)
Hughes Mayot: Champ D’Insouciance from L’Abre Rouge (BMC)
Rez Abbasi: Wedding Preparation from A Throw of Dice by The Silent Ensemble (Whirlwind)

Sunday 13 October 2019

Playlist - Oct 13th 2019

Per Texas Johansson: Borja Om Igen from Strak Pa Himlen Och Stora Hus (Moserobie)
Tomeka Reid Quartet: Ballad from Old New (Cuneiform)
Robin Skarin, Malin Wattring, Donovan von Martens & Christian Jormin: Heartpath from Fabrics (Havtorn)
ICP Orchestra: Rollo 1 from Restless in Pieces (ICP)
Somersaults: Turdidae from The Numerology of Birdsong (West Hill)
John Yao’s Triceratops: Triceratops Blues from How We Do (See Tao)
Relling: A Final Opening from Lower Your Guard (Ora Fonogram)
Jim Rattigan’s Pavillon: Timbuckthree from The Freedom of Movement (Three Worlds)
Pigfoot: Isis & Osiris / Dove Sono from Shuffle (Pokey)
Tomeka Reid Quartet: Wabash Blues from Old New (Cuneiform)
Longboard: Embrace the Grace from Being Wild (Yolk)
Petros Klampanis: Irrationality from Irrationalities (Enja Yellowbird)
Per Texas Johansson: Siffror Och Tecken from Strak Pa Himlen Och Stora Hus (Moserobie)
The Diagonal: Later That Evening from Filter (Not Two)
Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc: It’s Real from 2.0 (Naïve)
Stephane Belmondo & Sylvain Luc: Evanescence from 2.0 (Naïve)
Remy Le Boeuf: Mirrors in Your Eyes from Light as a Word (Outside In Music)

Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoosticks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 22 September 2019

Playlist - Sept 22nd 2019

Kevin Hays & Lionel Loueke: Aziza from Hope (Edition)
Emil Miszk and the Sonic Syndicate: Solid from Don’t Hesitate (Alpaka)
Florian Weiss Woodoism: Schichtende from Refugium (Neuklang)
Nicole Johanntgen: Lebenslust from Solo (Selmabird)
Zwitschermaschine: Miniatur from Systen For Us (WhyPlayJazz)
Dominik Bukowski Quartet: Hana from Transatlantyk (Soliton)
Petter Eldh: Blumer from Presents Koma Saxo (We Jazz)
Steve Melling & Art Themen: Foot Tappin’ from Trace Elements (Fuzzy Moon)
Dave O’Higgins & Rob Luft: Trinkle Tinkle from Play Monk & Trane (Ubuntu Music)
Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet: Sometimes from Re-Collect (Not Two)
Alvin Queen Trio: Sushi from O.P. (Stunt)
Henrik Olsson: Black Tourmaline from Hand of Benediction (Barefoot)
Ingi Bjarni: Ja I Dag from Tenging (Losen)
Petter Eldh: Koma Tema from Presents Koma Saxo (We Jazz)
Nicole Johanntgen: Stille Ewigkeit from Solo (Selmabird)
Elstein 6: Ciervo from Las Formas Cambian (Kuai Music)
Jamie Saft Quartet: Yesternight from Hidden Corners (Rare Noise)
Miguel Zenon: Traigo Salsa from Sonero (MielMusic)

Sunday 8 September 2019

Playlist - Sept 8th 2019

Zach Brock, Matt Ulery & Jon Deitemyer: Wonderment from Wonderment (Woolgathering)
Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution: Won’t Put No Flag Out from Won’t Put No Flag Out (BMC)
Jeppe Zeeberg: Looks Like Noodles To Me from Universal Disappointment (self-released)
Lighthouse: Januari from Triple Amen (Kopasetic)
Steve Melling & Art Themen: Cranberry Rock from Trace Elements (Fuzzy Moon)
Dave O’Higgins & Rob Luft: I’ll Wait and Pray from Play Monk & Trane (Ubuntu)
Harry Bolt: Double Rainbow from Piece By Piece (Selective)
Christian Muthspiel & Steve Swallow: (F)All Blues from Simple Songs (In and Out)
Pigfoot: Pusherman from Shuffle (Pokey)
Marco Trabucco: Romanza from Meraki (Artesuono)
Daniel Erdmann’s Velvet Revolution: Justine from Won’t Put No Flag Out (BMC)
Kjetil Mulelid Trio: Far Away from What You Thought Was Home (Rune Grammofon)
Huw V Williams: Vague Means Vague (self-released)
Jeppe Zeeberg: The Temple of Great Ambivalence from Universal Disappointment (self-released)
Jeb Bishop Flex Quartet: Lungfish from Re-Collect (Not Two)

Sunday 25 August 2019

Playlist - August 25th 2019

Ben Goldberg: A Rhythmia from Good Day for Cloud Fishing (Pyroclastic)
Eric Hofbauer: Water Understands Civilisation Well from Book of Water (Creative Nation Music)
Monk Spent Youth: Bubu’s Birthday from Monk Spent Youth (F-IRE)
Monk Spent Youth: Wee See from Monk Spent Youth (F-IRE)
Monk Spent Youth: Coming On the Hudson from Monk Spent Youth (F-IRE)
Bartek Halicki Septet: Goralski Blues from Etnograf (Soliton)
Brun – Courtois – Fincker: Waiting for Sadness from Les Demons de Tosca, Opus 1 (BMC)
Jo: Halloween ist Doof from Party (Berthold)
Briotrio: Ein Boks Pa Hylla from Briotrio (AMPMusic and Records)
Sloth Racket: We Decide What’s Next from Dismantle Yourself (Luminous)
Marco Trabucco: Open Space from Meraki (Artesuono)
Laura Jurd: Companion Species from Stepping Back, Jumping In (Edition)
Joao Lencastre’s Communion 3: Baby Pine Tree from Song(s) of Hope (Clean Feed)
Ben Goldberg: Corpse Pose from Good Day for Cloud Fishing (Pyroclastic)
Johnathan Blake: Trope from Trion (GiantStep Arts)
Jenny Scheinman & Allison Miller’s Parlour Game: Play Money from Parlour Game (Royal Potato Family)

Sunday 11 August 2019

Playlist - Aug 11th 2019

Alexi Tuomarila Trio: Boekloev from Sphere (Edition)
Eric Hofbauer: Well Used, Adorning Joy from Book of Water (Creative Nation Music)
Ernesto Jodos: La Orilla de tu Cielo from La Mirada Detenida (Blue Art)
Petera Sextet: Mr.Light from Flashover (RequiemRecords - Lydian Series)
Briotrio: God Dag, mann! – Okseskaft! from Briotrio (AMP Music and Records)
Q4: Uda Watte from Uphill Struggle (Hey!Jazz)
Samo Salamon, Szilard Mezei & Jaka Berger: Mr Ornette from Swirling Blind Unstilled (Klopotec)
Seamus Blake: Sneaky D from Guardians of the Heart Machine (Whirlwind)
Mikael Mani Trio: Sol from Bobby (Smekkleysa)
Fabian Almazan Trio: Benjamin from This Land Abounds With Life (Biophilia)
Eirik Hegdal: A Truly Joyable Balloon from Musical Balloon (Particular Recordings)
Satoko Fujii & Ramon Lopez: Asatsuyu from Confluence (Libra)
Petera Sextet: Kodoku from Flashover (RequiemRecords - Lydian Series)
Mikael Mani Trio: Bobby from Bobby (Smekkleysa)
Rich Halley: The Elms from Terra Incognita (PineEagle)
Siril Malmedal Hauge & Jacob Young: Skylark from Last Things (Oslo Session Recordings)
Idan Morim: Movement from I.M.(Outside In Music)

Sunday 28 July 2019

Playlist - July 28th 2019

The Preacher Men: Chili Dog from Blue (Zennez)
Jonathon Crompton: Dreaming from Intuit (New Lab)
Jean-Christophe Cholet & Matthieu Michel: Relax and Easy from Extended Whispers (Neuklang)
Eirik Hegdal: Country March Balloon from Musical Balloon (Particular)
Warren Galea: The Labrynth from The Odyssey (self-released)
Steen Rasmussen Quintet: Baiao Para Café Central from Canta (Stunt)
Anders Lonne Gronseth & Multiverse: Alternative Timelines from Theory of Anything (Pling Music)
Tori Freestone Trio: El Mar de Nubes from El Mar de Nubes (Whirlwind)
Laura Jurd: Jumping In from Stepping Back, Jumping In (Edition)
Yves Robert, Bruno Chevillon & Cyril Atef: J’ai Raison, L’Ordinator from Captivate (BMC)
Ernesto Jodos: Ll#10 from La Mirada Detenida (BlueArt)
Francesco Tristano: Neon City from Tokyo Stories (Sony)
RaaDie: Vast Potential from Vast Potential (Traumton)
Bjorn Marius Hegge: 4th Die Manschen from Ideas (Particular)
Jan Harbeck Quartet: Tangorrus Field from The Sound The Rhythm (Stunt)
Thomas Dahl & Court: A Wall from Quilter (Losen)

Sunday 14 July 2019

Playlist - July 14th 2019

Cecilie Grundt Quintet: Contemporary Old School Part 1 from Contemporary Old School (AMP Music & Records)
Paolo Botti & La Fabbrica dei Botti: The Cuckoo from Lomax Lives! (Caligola)
Paolo Botti & La Fabbrica dei Botti: Merengue from Lomax Lives! (Caligola)
Jean-Christophe Cholet & Matthieu Michel: Feu Follet from Extended Whispers (Neuklang)
Chord Four: Sunny Warrior from California Avant Garde (self-released)
Jurgen Kupke & Hannes Zerbe: Fur Bela from Alles Hat Seine Zeit (Jazzhausmusik)
Naomi Moon Siegel: Mama Sanchaba from Live at Earshot (Slow & Steady)
Pneuma: Trembling / Light from Who Has Seen the Wind? (Songlines)
Peter Rozsnyoi: Passing from Serenity Prayer (BMC)
Pale Blue Dot: Endless Cruelties (unreleased)
Tree: Dhau from Between a Rock and a Hard Place (Boomslang)
Sebastian Mazzalupo & Mazza Quarteto: Soles from Soles (Kuai)
Marton Juhasz: Strange Glow from Discovery (self-released)
Marton Juhasz: Stino from Discovery (self-released)
Jurgen Kupke & Hannes Zerbe: Part XX from Alles Hat Seine Zeit (Jazzhausmusik)
RaaDie: Perlentaucher from Vast Potential (Traumton)
Anders Lonne Gronseth & Multiverse: Inflation from Theory of Anything (Pling Music)
Partisans: Klact-Oveeseds-Tene / Max from Nit De Nit (Whirlwind)

Saturday 6 July 2019

Jazz Today Online - Summer 2019

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Nature Work: Tah Dazzle from Nature Work (Sunnyside). Greg Ward, alto sax; Jason Stein, bass clarinet; Eric Revis, bass; Jim Black, drums.

Tobias Wiklund: Where the Spirits Eat from Where the Spirits Eat (Stunt). Tobias Wiklund, cornet; Simon Toldam, piano; Daniel Fredriksson, bass; Lasse Morck, drums.

Gebhard Ullmann’s Basement Research: 29 Shoes from Impromptus and Other Short Works (WhyPlayJazz). Gebhard Ullmann, tenor sax; Steve Swell, trombone; Julian Arguelles, baritone sax, Pascal Niggenkemper, bass; Gerald Cleaver, drums.

Sylvain Cathala Septet: Entremeles 2 from Cullinan (Connexe). Sylvain Cathala, tenor sax; Guillaume Orti, alto sax; Bo Van der Werf, baritone sax; Marc Ducret, guitar; Benjamin Moussay, keyboards; Sarah Murcia, bass; Christophe Lavergne, drums.

Atomic: Cry Want from Pet Variations (Odin). Magnus Broo, trumpet; Fredrik Ljungkvist, clarinet; Havard Wiik, piano; Ingebrigt Haker Flaten, bass; Hans Hulbaekmo, drums.

Irek Wojtczak Quintet: Leczycki from Play It Again (Fundacja Sluchaj!). Tomasz Dabrowski, trumpet; Irek Wojtczak, tenor sax; Piotr Mania, piano; Adam Zuchowski, bass; Kuba Staruszkiewicz, drums.

Baldo Martinez: La Travesia from Cuarteto Europa (Karonte). Dominic Pifarely, violin; Samuel Blaser, trombone; Baldo Martinez, bass; Ramon Lopez, drums.

Dave Douglas: Francis of Anthony from Devotion (Greenleaf). Dave Douglas, trumpet; Uri Caine, piano; Andrew Cyrille, drums. 

Allison Miller’s Boom Tic Boom: Glitter Wolf from Glitter Wolf (Royal PotatoFamily). Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Kirk Knuffke, cornet; Myra Melford, piano; Todd Sickafoose, bass; Allison Miller, drums.

Ilmiliekki Quartet: Twisted Thistle from Land of Real Men (We Jazz). Verneri Pohjola, trumpet; Tuomo Prattala, piano; Anti Lotjonen, bass; Olavi Louhivouri, drums.

Sunday 23 June 2019

Playlist - June 23rd 2019

Jonny Mansfield: T&C’s from Elftet (Edition)
Tobias Wiklund: Where the Spirits Eat from Where the Spirits Eat (Stunt)
Guillermo Harriague: Caos Control from Fotomental (Kuai Music)
Leila Martial’s Baa Box: Nuit Pygmee from Warm Canto (Laborie Jazz)
Andrea Grossi Blend 3: Iwato from Lubok (WeInsist!)
Andrea Grossi Blend 3: Ru-Bok from Lubok (We Insist!)
Georg Ruby: Dr. G’s Krautsuppe from Village Zone (Jazzhausmusik)
Tobias Wiklund: Smoke from Where the Spirits Eat (Stunt)
Sylvain Cathala Septet: Entremeles 2 from Cullinan (Connexe)
Gebhard Ullmann’s Basement Research: 29 Shoes from Impromptus and Other Short Works (WhyPlayJazz)
Masha Art & LRK Trio: Painless from Anesthesia (Losen)
Andrew McCormack: Belly of the Whale from Graviton: The Calling (Ubuntu Music)
Kasper Tranberg: Dilation from Strawboss (ILK)
Verbruggen Fernandes Quintet: 300 Pesoas from Chasing Penguins (RAT)
Huw Warren Trio: First Love, Last Rites from Everything In Between (CAM Jazz)
Sebastian Greschuk: La Espera from Paisaje (Ears & Eyes)

Sunday 9 June 2019

Playlist - June 9th 2019

Nature Work: Tah Dazzle from Nature Work (Sunnyside)
Stahls Trio: Morgon Pa Torpet from Kalltorp Sessions Volume One (Moserobie)
Irek Wojtczak Quintet: Leczycki from Play It Again (Fundacja Sluchaj!)
Joost Lijbaart, Sanne Rambags & Bram Stadhouders: Hjemme from Trinity (Challenge)
Jeff Williams: Scattershot from Bloom (Whirlwind)
Nick Grinder: Inaction from Farallon (Outside In Music)
Harvey S & Sheryl Bailey: Saint Nick from Plucky Strum (Whaling City Sound)
Mark Lockheart: This Much I Know is True from Days On Earth (Edition)
Liam Noble: Head of Marketing from The Long Game (Edition)
Nature Work: Hem the Jewels from Nature Work (Sunnyside)
Linda May Han Oh: Satuit from Aventurine (Biophilia)
Joost Lijbaart, Sanne Rambags & Bram Stadhouders: Moksha from Trinity (Challenge)
Stahls Trio: Lennart Jernestrand from Kalltorp Sessions Volume One (Moserobie)
Trish Clowes: Arise from Ninety Degrees Gravity (Basho)
Tom Cawley: Regista from Catenaccio (UbuntuMusic)
Kresten Osgood Quintet: Little Niles from Plays Jazz (ILK)

(Intro / Outro) Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoustics (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 26 May 2019

Playlist - May 26th 2019

Enrico Pieranunzi & Thomas Fonnesbaek: Wimp from Blue Waltz (Stunt)
Baldo Martinez Grupo: Como El Mar from Vientos Cruzados (Karonte)
Siril Malmedal Hauge & Jacob Young: I Will from Last Things (Oslo Session Recordings)
Andrea Keller: Inside Out from Transients Volume 1 (self-released)
Andrea Keller: Saint Misha from Transients Volume 1 (self-released)
Q4: Yata Watte from Uphill Struggle (Hey!Jazz)
OK:KO: Kiipeli from Syrtti (We Jazz)
Mark Dresser Seven: Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You from Ain’t Nothing But a Cyber Coup & You (Clean Feed)
Steve Garrett: Black Sail Hut from Discover and Endure (Alt Mor)
Moritz von Kleist: Just a Second from Tonwerkstatt (Jazzhausmusik)
Leonardo Radicchi Arcadia Trio: In Memory of Idy Diene from Don’t Call It Justice (Alfa Projects)
Kino Trio: Il Cielo Sopra Berlino from Il Cielo Sopra Berlino (Babel)
Alex Jenkins Quartet: Upward Spiral from Live @The Clara (self-released)
Holum Trio: Ostra from Borte (AMP Music andRecords)
Tom Syson: Soon from Different Coloured Days (self-released)
The Ed Palermo Big Band: Laurie Frink from A Lousy Day in Harlem (Sky Cat)

Sunday 12 May 2019

Playlist - May 12th 2019

Simsa Funf: Tuilleries from The Time We Need (Cracked Anegg)
Dave Douglas: Francis of Anthony from Devotion (Greenleaf)
Sara Battaglini, Federico Pierantoni & Enrico Ronzani: La Dama di Fango from Dalia (Auand)
Sara Battaglini, Federico Pierantoni & Enrico Ronzani: Flowering of Violets from Dalia (Auand)
Jonas Engel: Inside a Kennel from Own Your Bones (Klaeng)
Vein feat. Norrbotten Big Band: Willi’s Pool from Symphonic Bop (Double Moon)
Jonathan Gee, Gaetano Partipilo New Beginnings Quartet: Blackbird (unreleased)
Jonathan Gee Trio: We See from Dragonfly (ASC)
Jonathan Gee, Gaetano Partipilo New Beginnings Quartet: Michele (unreleased)
Rachel Musson & Olie Brice: Longitudinal from Tapering Arms Point Into the Wind (Weekertoft)
Butcher Brown: 918 from Camden Session (Gearbox)
Dave Douglas: False Allegiances from Devotion (Greenleaf)
Vein feat. Norrbotten Big Band: Under Construction from Symphonic Bop (Double Moon)
Bangkok Lingo: Bangkok from Smells / Colours / Noise (Losen)
Fabian Rucker 5: Phrenology from Hypocritical Mass (BMC)

Sunday 28 April 2019

Playlist - April 28th 2019

Le Rex: Escape of the Fire Ants from Escape of the Fire Ants (Cuneiform)
Atomic: Cry Want from Pet Variations (Odin)
Anne Mette Iversen’s Ternion Quartet: Within a Diapason from Invincible Nimbus (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
Ingi Bjarni Trio: Fundur from Fundur (Dot Time)
Hofbauer / Rosenthal Quartet: Courting Madness from Human Resources (Creative Nation Music)
Chicago Edge Ensemble: Upstream Brotherhood from Insidious Anthem (Trost)
Le Rex: Elliot’s Theme from Escape of the Fire Ants (Cuneiform)
Q3: Sighting the Tiger from The Monkey Puzzle Tree (self-released)
Flying Machines: As Long as it Lasts from Flying Machines (Pictor)
Ilmiliekki Quartet: Twisted Thistle from Land of Real Men (We Jazz)
Stephan Oliva, Sebastien Boisseau & Tom Rainey: Lonyay Utca from Orbit (Yolk)
Moppa Elliot: Slab from Jazz Band / Rock Band / Dance Band (Hot Cup)
Braskiri: Lament For B from The Couch Principle (Berthold)
Samantha Boshnack’s Seismic Belt: Kamchatka from Live in Santa Monica (Orenda)
Paul Jones Quartet: Beaten By The Machine from The Process (AMP Music & Records)
Cloudmakers Five: Cycle Song (For J.T.) from Traveling Pulse (Whirlwind)

Sunday 14 April 2019

Playlist - April 14th 2019

Snorre Kirk: 18th and Vine from Beat (Stunt)
Kasper Tranberg: Cobra from Terzet (ILK)
Nick Sanders Trio: Prepared for the Blues from Playtime 2050 (Sunnyside)
Nick Sanders Trio: Manic Maniac from Playtime 2050 (Sunnyside)
Daniel Herskedal: Chatham Dockyard from Voyage (Edition)
Per Texas Johansson, Torbjorn Zetterberg & Konrad Agnas: Oraklet i Finnaker from Orakel (Moserobie)
Ed Verhoeff, Paul Berner & Dudok Quartet Amsterdam: The Landlord from Cloud Chamber (Zennez)
Polykleitos Dialog: Jede Glatze Glanzt from Means of Polarity (Cracked Anegg)
Aki Takase Japanic : Madam Bum Bum from Thema Prima (BMC)
Damon Brown Trio: Han River Tales from Walking On (33Jazz)
Stephan Oliva, Sebastien Boisseau & Tom Rainey: Split Screen from Orbit (Yolk)
Anne Mette Iversen’s Ternion Quartet: Polychromatic Pictures from Invincible Nimbus (Brooklyn Jazz Underground)
Snorre Kirk: Exotica from Beat (Stunt)
Aki Takase Japanic : Hello Welcome from Thema Prima (BMC)
Trish Clowes: Abbott & Costello from Ninety Degrees Gravity (Basho)
Gebhard Ullmann’s Basement Research: Gospel from Impromptus and Other Short Works (WhyPlayJazz)
Paul van Kemenade: Stranger than Paranoia from Stranger than Paranoia (KEMO)
Jason Palmer: The Hampton Inn from Rhyme and Reason (Giant Step Arts)