There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

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JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Thursday 30 December 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: 29th Dec 2010

Garrison Fewell’s Variable Density Sound Orchestra: Betty’s Bounce from Sound Particle 47 (Creative Nation Music)
Reto Anneler: Leaniebeanie from Trottoir (Unit)
Francois Corneloup: Fortino Regarde L’Avenir une Derniere Fois from Noir Lumiere (Innacor)
Adam Pieronczyk: After the Catastrophe from Komeda – The Innocent Sorcerer (Jazzwerkstatt)
Van Veenendaal / Puglisi: To Alan Lomax from Duets for Prepared, Unprepared and Toy Pianos (Evil Rabbit)
Meadow: Badger from Blissful Ignorance (Edition)
The October Trio + Brad Turner: You’re Trying Too Hard from Looks Like It’s Going To Snow (Songlines)
Francois Corneloup: La Nuit est Un Son from Noir Lumiere (Innacor)
Olah / Bacso / Boisseau: Bartok Impressions from Fitting (BMC)
Lisa Mezzacappa’s Bait & Switch: The Aquarist from What Is Known (Clean Feed)
Edouard Bineau: Charmeur De Pierres from Wared Quartet (Derry Dol)
Dave Milligan Trio: If You Need a Painting in an Emergency from Shops (Antobar)
Liberty Ellman: Ophiuchus Butterfly from Ophiuchus Butterfly (Pi Recordings)
Miniatur Orchester: Der Auffuller from Pro Specie Rara (Unit)
Broken Arm Trio: Pearls from Broken Arm Trio (Skipstone)
Linda Oh Trio: Fourth Limb from Entry (lindaohmusic)
Stephan Mattner & Syntax: Cartoon Inn from Syntax (Konnex)

Friday 17 December 2010

Pete's Pick of 2010

As always with end of year lists, my choice is limited to those albums I’ve heard....a tiny fraction of what’s there will be plenty of good stuff I’ve missed!  However, here’s a selection of the new albums that have given me most pleasure over the past year (in no particular order).

Sasquatch: Enter the Sasquatch (CCAP Knirk)
Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle: Morpho (Drollehala)
Jazz from Scandinavia has certainly thawed over the past decade, stoked by the likes of bands such as Atomic and Motif, together with the output of small labels such as Moserobie and Bolage. Over the past year I’ve been impressed by a couple of bands from the Norwegian port of Stavanger. Both have albums on minor labels. The first is a quintet by the name of Sasquatch, which I’m reliably informed, is another name for Bigfoot! The second is led by trumpeter Gunhild Seim, shares two musicians with Sasquatch (saxophonist Arild Hoem and drummer Dag Magnus Narvesen) and goes by the name Time Jungle. Both bands play a fiery brand of freebop, together with some chamber jazz.

Julia Shreitl Nord.Rand.Band: Nordic Walking (Session Work)
Mature and inventive playing from a young band of mainly Swedish musicians brought together by Austrian reed player Julia Schreitl, and going by the name of the Nord.Rand.Band.

Zeno De Rossi Shtik: The Manne I Love (El Gallo Rojo)
There’s the old adage that jazz is too serious for its own good. Well here’s a double album from Italy that proves otherwise. Released on the excellent El Gallo Rojo label, the album is a tribute to Shelley Manne. It’s a mix of tunes performed or recorded by the drummer over his illustrious career and played by an aggregation of mainly Italian musicians going by the name Shtik. They’re led by another drummer of note, Zeno Di Rossi.

Sebastien Texier Trio: Don’t Forget You Are An Animal (Cristal)
It must be tough climbing out from the shadow of a father who is considered by many to be one of the fathers of modern European jazz. But I believe that saxophonist / clarinettist Sebastien Texier has done just that. Stunning playing from Sebastian, Claude Tchamitchian and Sean Carpio, a true trio of equals. Their new CD deserves to be on everyone’s best-of-year lists.

The Nice Guy Trio: Here Comes The Nice Guy Trio (Porto Franco)
Trumpeter Darren Johnston appeared on my best-of-year list in 2009 with his excellent CD The Edge of the Forest (Clean Feed). He turns up again this year with The Nice Guy Trio.....completed by Rob Reich on accordion and Daniel Fabricant on bass, together with special guests. Melodic music that appeals to the head, heart and feet in equal measure.

The Ray Anderson – Marty Ehrlich Quartet: Hear You Say – Live in Willisau (Intuition)
A real crowd-pleaser from The Ray Anderson - Marty Ehrlich Quartet ....with Brad Jones on bass and Matt Wilson on drums. All flailing limbs and alimentary noise. Wonderful stuff.

The Light: Afekty (Multikulti)
A second outing for The Light on Multikulti. Clarinettist Waclaw Zimpel has certainly spread his wings over the past year, benefitting from the close association of Polish clubs such as Alchemia with the likes of Ken Vandermark and crew. Probably the most outward bound album in today’s selection.

Five In Orbit: Freaks (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Five In Orbit are quintet with a membership that straddles the Pyrenees, with Ramon Fossati on trombone, Olivier Brandily on reeds, Laurent Bronner on piano, Nicolas Rageau on bass and Luc Isenmann on drums. An energetic outing full of good humour....well worth your attention.

Brick Quartet: Brick Quartet (Chopstick)
Ben Sluijs, Mathias Van de Weile, Lode Vercampt and Dimitri Simoen......The Brick Quartet. I can’t make out if this is their only album as a foursome....although clearly the individual players are very active on the Belgian scene with bands such as Moker and the Ben Sluijs Quartet. However I  recommend you check the brick quartet website.....that’s  for plenty more interesting sounds from this fascinating band.

Wednesday 15 December 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: 15th December 2010

Julia Shreitl Nord.Rand.Band: Balcony from Nordic Walking (Session Work)
Zeno De Rossi Shtik: I’m An Old Cowhand from The Manne I Love (El Gallo Rojo)
Sasquatch: Afro from Enter the Sasquatch (CCAP Knirk)
Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle: On My Doorstep from Morpho (Drollehala)
Sebastien Texier Trio: Lilian’ Tears from Don’t Forget You are an Animal (Cristal)
Sebastien Texier Trio: Pain de Singe from Don’t Forget You are an Animal (Cristal)
Points: Dedicated To the Sun from Points (Animal Music)
The Nice Guy Trio: Fables of Faubus from Here Comes The Nice Guy Trio (Porto Franco)
Zeno De Rossi Shtik: Lorraine from The Manne I Love (El Gallo Rojo)
Jean Nicolas Trottier Quartet: Berceuse from Jean Nicolas Trottier Quartet (Effendi)
Brick Quartet: Opgedoekt from Brick Quartet (Chopstick)
Kirk Knuffke: How It Goes from Amnesia Brown (Clean Feed)
Sylvain Cathala Trio: Moonless from Moonless (FTM)
Five In Orbit: 45 Angle from Freaks (Fresh Sound New Talent)
The Light: Hesitation from Afekty (Multikulti)
Ornstein / Overwater / Kegel: Teardrops for Jimmy from Jungle Boldie (Turtle)
The Ray Anderson – Marty Ehrlich Quartet: Hear You Say from Hear You Say – Live in Willisau (Intuition)

Thursday 2 December 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: Dec 1st 2010

Ray Anderson - Marty Ehrlich Quartet: The Git Go from Hear You Say – Live in Willisau (Intuition)
Adam Pieronczyk: Wicker Basket from Komeda – The Innocent Sorcerer (Jazzwerkstatt)
Neon Quartet: Bela Lugosi from Catch Me (Edition)
Masako Hamamura: Kind Mind from Kind Mind (Quark / 1hr Music)
Signal to Noise: That 11 Thing from Tag (Quark / 1hr Music)
Olivier Ker Ourio: Goodbye Pork Pie Hat from Siroko (E-motive)
Noah Preminger Group: Blues For Steve Lacy from Dry Bridge Road (Nowt)
Aki Takase & Silke Eberhard: The Blessing from Ornette Coleman Anthology (Intakt)
Wolter Weirbos: Visions from Deining (Dolfijn)
Ray Anderson - Marty Ehrlich Quartet: Portrait of Leroy Jenkins from Hear You Say – Live in Willisau (Intuition)
Sophia Domancich: Goodnight from Snakes and Ladders (Cristal)
Sophia Domancich: Mis Manos Te Acarician from Snakes and Ladders (Cristal)
Kirk Knuffke: Practical Sampling from Amnesia Brown (Clean Feed)
Bob Degen: Which Way is Which from Jake Remembered (Enja)
The October Trio + Brad Turner: Give (Sydney Carton) from Looks Like It’s Going to Snow (Songlines)
Olthuis & Van Veenendaal: D. S. Hoen from The Mystery of Guests (Evil Rabbit)
Proper Villains: Proper Villains from Hong Kong Edition (1hr Music)

Wednesday 17 November 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: 17th Nov 2010

Matt Wilson Quartet: Rear Control from That’s Gonna Leave a Mark (Palmetto)
Mike Nock Project: Jazz Elective #2 from Meeting of the Waters (Jazzhead)
BFG (Bex/Ferris/Goubert): Sometimes I Feel Like a Motherless Child from Here and Now! (Naive)
Five in Orbit: 45 degree Angle from Freaks (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Henry Threadgill Zooid: Extremely Sweet William from This Brings Us To – Vol II (Pi)
Stephan Crump with Rosetta Trio: Toward Fall from Reclamation (Sunnyside)
Jason Robinson: The Two Faces of Janus from The Two Faces of Janus (Cuneiform)
The Will Collier Septet: Full Stop from Everybody Loves (F-IRE)
Dave Milligan Trio: Duncan’s from Shops (An Tobar)
White Rocket: Lonely Toad from White Rocket (Diatribe)
Five in Orbit: K from Freaks (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Bill Frisell: Pipe Down from East / West (Nonesuch)
Jason Stein’s Locksmith Isidore: Man or Ray from Three Kinds of Happiness (Not Two)
Bruno Raberg: Chosen Path from Lifelines (Orbis Music)
Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society: Phobos from Infernal Machines (New Amsterdam)

Thursday 4 November 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: Nov 3rd 2010

Contemporary Noise Quintet: Million Faces from Pig Inside the Gentleman (Electric Eye)
Roberto Gatto Quintet: Scandalo All’ombra from Deep (Cam Jazz)
Aki and The Good Boys: Hinz und Kunz from Live at Willisau Jazz Festival (Jazzwerkstatt)
Matana Roberts: For Razi from The Chicago Project (Central Control)
Kairos 4tet: Unresolved from Kairos Moment (Kairos)
Stephane Kerecki Trio: Focus Danse from Focus Danse (Zig Zag)
Nathalie Loriers Chemins Croises: L’arbre Pleure from L’arbre Pleure (De Werf)
Nathalie Loriers: Wishful Thinking from Tombouctou (De Werf)
Julia Schreitl Nord Rand Band: Nordic Walking from Nordic Walking (Session Work)
Paragon: Rock III from Quarterlife Crisis (Shake Well)
Peter Van Huffel Quartet: Tangent from Like The Rusted Key (Fresh Sound New Talent)
Sartori/T-Briscoe/Bignardi/Succi: Senti Senti from Ance Migratori (Collectivo BasseSfere)
Julia Schreitl Nord Rand Band: Beer in the Head from Nordic Walking (Session Work)
Mary Halvorson Trio: Old Nine Two Six Four Two Dies from Dragon’s Head (Firehouse 12)
Bojan Zulfikarpasic: Tout Neuf from Solobsession (Label Bleu)
Sunna Gunnlaugs Quartet: Over Yonder from Live in Europe (Sunny Sky)

Thursday 21 October 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: October 20th 2010

Zanussi Five: Body and Zeuhl from Ghost Dance (Moserobie)
Han Bennink Trio: Music for Camping from Parken (ILK)
Ray Anderson: Kinda Garnerish from Every One of Us (Gramavision)
Der Rote Bereich: Ein Tag im Leben des Jungen L from Live In Montreux (ACT)
Zeno De Rossi Shtik: When We’re Alone from The Manne I Love! (El Gallo Rojo)
Zeno De Rossi Shtik: The Thrill is Gone from The Manne I Love! (El Gallo Rojo)
Michael Formanek: Jack’s Last Call from The Rub and Spare Change (ECM)
Dave Douglas: This Love Affair from Spirit Moves (Greenleaf Music)
Lovedale: Into Orbit from Grill Music (ILK)
Dan Weiss Trio: Chakradar #4 from Timshel (Sunnyside)
Dan Weiss Trio: Interlude from Timshel (Sunnyside)
Giorgio Pacorig & Danilo Gallo Zwei Mal Drei: Half the Fun from We Hope We Understand (El Gallo Rojo)
Jason Adasiewicz: Warm Valley from Sun Rooms (Delmark)
Jason Adasiewicz’s Rolldown: Varmint from Varmint (Cunieform)
Glerum Omnibus: Naima from Omnibus One (Favorite)
Paul Van Kemenade Sextet: La Premiere Fois from Missacity (Zon En Man)
Stephan Crump: Were It a Loss from Rosetta (Papillon Sounds)
Gilad Atzmon & The Orient House Ensemble: In The Back Seat of a Yellow Cab from The Tide Has Changed (World Village)

Wednesday 6 October 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: October 6th 2010

Sasquatch: Tres Amigos from Enter the Sasquatch (CCAP Knirk)
Alister Spence: Mercury from Mercury (Rufus)
Either Orchestra: Suriname from Mood Music for Time Travellers (Accurate)
Jason Kao Hwang: From East Sixth Street from Stories Before Within (Innova)
Gretchen Parlato: I Can’t Help It from In A Dream (Obliqsound)
Samuel Blaser Quartet: Pieces of Old Sky from Pieces of Old Sky (Clean Feed)
Banz Oester Quintet: Jones Tones from Max (Ammoniac Music)
Ben Goldberg: TGO from Go Home (BAG Productions)
Ben Goldberg Quartet: Ifafi from Baal (Tzadik)
Neon Quartet: Cloak and Dagger from Catch Me (Edition)
Bill Frisell: Summer Song from In His Own Sweet Way (Avant)
Herbert de Jonge Quartet: Happy from Real People (EWM)
Herbert de Jonge Quartet: Voor Wie Dit Geldt from Real People (EWM)
Sasquatch: Talkimetki from Enter the Sasquatch (CCAP Knirk)
Ton Trio: One Last Thing from The Way (Singlespeed Music)

Wednesday 22 September 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: Sept 22nd 2010

Ralph Alessi: Cognitive Dissonance from Cognitive Dissonance (Cam Jazz)
Thomas Savy: Overture from French Suite (Plus Loin)
Thomas Savy: Ignition from French Suite (Plus Loin)
Gilad Atzmon & the Orient House Ensemble: We Lament from The Tide Has Changed (World Village)
Oli Kuster Kombo: Rothorn Kulm from Flokati (Unit)
Oli Kuster Kombo: Mirror, Mirror from Oerlikon (Unit)
The Rocco John Group: Bach to Bird from Devotion (COCA)
Suga Dairo: Skylark from Suga Dairo (Cool Fool)
Sophie Alour: Grekerna from Opus 3 (Plus Loin)
Normand Guilbeault Ensemble: Prayer for Passive Resistance from Hommage a Mingus – Live at Upstairs 2008 (Ambiances Magnetiques)
Moker: Como from Moker (El Negocito)
The New Mellow Edwards: First Loser from Big Choantza (Skirl)
Ralph Alessi: Duel from Cognitive Dissonance (Cam Jazz)
Nicolas Letman-Burtinovic: Sarkophagus from The Vienna Suite (Session Work)
Isabelle Olivier: Tokyo Bossa from My Foolish Harp (Enja Yellowbird)
Perry Robinson Trio: Joe Hill from From A to Z (Jazzwerkstatt)
Bollani/Bodilsen/Lund: Moder, Jeg Er Traet, Nu Vil Jeg Sove from Gleda (Stunt)
Atomic: Kerosene from The Bikini Tapes (Jazzland)

Wednesday 8 September 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: Sept 8th 2010

Brick Quartet: Pressure from Brick Quartet (Chopstick)
Trio Dolce Vita: Amarcord from Amarcord (Jazzwerkstatt)
Davis/Ulrich/Baumann/Lutek/Richards/Jefferson: Rossli Hu from Urs Blochlinger Tribute (Pet Mantis)
Albert Landolt: Mollbluesgeschichte from The Outernational Three (Unit)
Sun Trio: New Way from Time is Now (Cam Jazz)
Susi Hyldgaard: Borderline Happiness from Its Love We Need (Enja Yellowbird)
Havard Wiik Trio: Arcades from The Arcades Project (Jazzland)
Vandermark 5: Painters from The New York Suite / Beat Reader (Atavistic)
Lucky 7’s: Jaki’s Walk from Pluto Junkyard (Clean Feed)
Trio Dolce Vita: Cantilena from Amarcord (Jazzwerkstatt)
Pasborg’s Odessa 5: Ay-Ciao! from Pasborg’s Odessa 5 (Stunt)
Scott DuBois: Illinois Procession Rain from Black Hawk Dance (Sunnyside)
Kit Downes: William Cooper from The Yamaha New Jazz Sessions 2009 (Yamaha Music)
Sylvain Cathala Trio: Black Dance from Moonless (FTM)
Jean-Nicholas Trottier Quartet: J’Essaie De Voir from Jean-Nicholas Trottier Quartet (Effendi)
Han Bennink Trio: Lady of the Lavender Mist from Parken (Ilk)
Jean-Nicholas Trottier Quartet: Petite Piece Bizarre from Jean-Nicholas Trottier Quartet (Effendi)
Fredrik Lundin Overdrive: Belly Up from Belly Up (Stunt)

Wednesday 25 August 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: August 25th 2010

Miniatur Orchester: Der Ganze Otto from Pro Specie Rara (Unit)

Stephan Crump with Rosetta Trio: Overreach from Reclamation (Sunnyside)

Gunhild Seim & Time Jungle: Palindrom from Morpho (Drollehala)

Robert Mitchell’s Panacea: Essence from The Cusp (Edition)

Tin Hat: Helium from Foreign Legion (BAG Production)

Benjamin Koppel: Soulbop from Babop (Cowbell Music)

Rope: Django from Saints and Sinners (El Gallo Rojo)

Jungle Boldie: Quicksie from Jungle Boldie (Turtle)

Jamie Oehlers Double Drummer Group: You R Here from You R Here - Session Two (Jazzhead)

Tomas Ulrichs Cargo Cult: Come On In My Kitchen from Lonely House (CIMP)

Tomas Ulrichs Cargo Cult: Nature Boy from Lonely House (CIMP)

Unit: Dunes from Wavin’ (Yolk / Fiasko)

Dimitri Sillato Playground: Gastone from Periferiche Sospese (El Gallo Rojo)

Jungle Boldie: Teardrops for Jimmy from Jungle Boldie (Turtle)

Maryland: Sjufire from Maryland – Live! (Moserobie)

Michael Jaeger Kerouac: Daha from Outdoors (Intakt)

Domenic Landolf: Lehar from New Brighton (Pirouet)

Wednesday 11 August 2010

Jazz Today Playlist: 11th August 2010

Andy Emler Mega Octet: Crouch, Touch, Engage from Crouch, Touch, Engage (Naive)

The Nice Guy Trio: Fables of Faubus from Here Comes the Nice Guy Trio (Porto Franco)

Peter Madsen Trio: Forward Motion from The Litchfield Suite (Playscape)

Sebastien Texier Trio: Lilians Tears from Don't Forget You Are An Animal (Cristal)

Gretchen Parlato: Within Me from In A Dream (Obliqsound)

Jeremy Udden: Red Coat Lane from Plainville (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Rootless: Keep the Focus from Brian Had A Little Plate (El Gallo Rojo)

The Nice Guy Trio: Simple Life from Here Comes the Nice Guy Trio (Porto Franco)

Phronesis: French from Alive (Edition)

Points: Dedicated to the Sun from Points (Animal Music)

Enterout Trio: Pink Ivory from Pink Ivory (Multikulti)

Vloeimans/Coke/Breuker/Bommel/Gorter/Engels: Les from The Compositions of Eric Dolphy (BVHAAST)

Beckett/Levallet/Marsh: Warm Canto from Images of Clarity (Evidence)

Heinrich Kobberling: Konbanwa from Sonnenschirm (Jazzwerkstatt)

Die Enttauschung: Arnie & Randy from Die Enttauschung (Intakt)

Yvan Robilliard: Temps Compte from Intuitions (Sans Bruit)

Dejan Terzic Underground: Hopeful-a-Day from Diaspora (Enja)