There's so much good jazz being recorded around the world....a lot of it on small labels....and yet it rarely gets airplay. JAZZ it's own small way....tries to put that right!

JAZZ TODAY is a fortnightly radio show on Cambridge105 Radio. It is broadcast live in Cambridge UK on 105FM, on digital and online at

JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Wednesday, 21 October 2020

Jazz Today - Sunday 25th Oct at 3pm GMT on Cambridge 105 Radio

.....featuring the sultry vocals of Julia Werup, the multi-layered brass of Daniel Herskedal, an ensemble based around a church organ led by Maria Faust, and a cha cha ….of sorts…from the Stefan Schultze Septet. In amongst is the piano of Gediminas Karkauskas, the trombone of Nick Finzer and the saxophone of Rich Halley. Plus a good deal more. Listen HERE at 3pm GMT.

Repeated on Monday 26th Oct at 9pm.

Sunday, 11 October 2020

Playlist - Oct 11th / 12th 2020

Roberto Ottaviano's Extended Love & Eternal Love: Adelante from Resonance & Rhapsodies (Dodicilune)

Viktor Lundin: Lite Utanfor Flen from Innan Jag Somnar (AMP Music & Records)

Lucia Cadotsch: Azure from Speak Low 2 (WeJazz)

Yves Rousseau Septet: Abyssal Ecosystem from Fragments (Yolk)

Josephine Davies’ Satori: Ananda: Bliss from How Can We Wake ? (Whirlwind)

Josephine Davies’ Satori: Sutra 1 from How Can We Wake ? (Whirlwind)

David Lord: An Amanita from Forest Standards Vol 2 (Big Ego)

David Lord: Tubifera from Forest Standards Vol 2 (Big Ego)

Convergence: Traslacion from Convergence (self-released)

Barrage: O from The Was and Is To Come (OraFonogram)

S.D.B Project: Just Say It from Red & Blue (Improvvisatore Involontario)

Dave Meder: This Road from Passage (OutsideIn)

Bob Spice Quartet: Triage der Kopfe from In Der Schwebe (Trouble in the East)

Eric Revis: Earl & The Three-Fifths Compromise from Slipknots Through a Looking Glass (Pyroclastic)

Emile Parisien & Vincent Peirani: Nouchka from Abrazo (ACT)

Emile Parisien & Vincent Peirani: FT from Abrazo (ACT)

Marcin Wasilewski Trio & Joe Lovano: Vashkar from Arctic Riff (ECM)

Michael Olatuja: Leye’s Dance from Lagos Pepper Soup (Whirlwind)

Sunday, 27 September 2020

Playlist Sept 27th and 28th 2020

I.P.A.: Fem Skator from Bashing Mushrooms (Cuneiform)

Matt Ulery: Soup Talk from Pollinator (Woolgathering)

Marcio De Sousa Quintet: Rigor from Authority (Anuk)

WHO Trio: In a Sentimental Mood from Strell (Clean Feed)

Tim Garland: Thorn in the Evergreen from Refocus (Edition)

Graham South Quartet: Nobody Knows from By and By (Efpi)

Reza Askari: Firefly from Magic Realism (QFTF)

Espen Eriksen Trio: Dancing Demons from End of Summer (Rune Grammofon)

I.P.A.: Bamse from Bashing Mushrooms (Cuneiform)

Andrea Keller: Curates Monday Nights Live at the Jazzlab Vol 1 – The Composers Circle (self-released)

Trio Kontraszt: Different Divisions and Rags from Cryptic Scattered Images of Time Forgotten (BMC)

Peter Hess Quartet: The Net Menders from Present Company (Diskonife)

Esche: Auren from Unter und Uber Wasser (Jazzhausmusik)

Bjorn Marius Hegge with Fredrik Ljungkvist: Abacus from Live at Glenn Miller Café in Stockholm Vol 2 (Particular)

Espen Eriksen Trio: Back to Base from End of Summer (Rune Grammofon)

Sunday, 13 September 2020

Playlist - Sept 13th and 14th 2020

Christoph Irniger Trio with Loren Stillman & Nils Wogram: Open City from Open City (Intakt)

WHO Trio: The Mooche from Strell (CleanFeed)

Matt Wilson Quartet: Jabulani from Hug! (Palmetto)

Eric Hofbauer & Tony Leva: Chapter 1: Courting Madness from Book of Fire (Creative Nation Music)

Samuel Blaser: Six Huit Sur Sept from 18 Monologues Elastiques (Out Note / Blaser Music)

Cat Toren’s Human Kind: Ignis Fatuus from Scintillating Beauty (Panoramic)

Verneri Pohjola: The Dead Don’t Dream from The Dead Don’t Dream (Edition)

Danilo Gallo Dark Dry Tears: Bricks on Tilt from Hide, Show Yourself! (Parco Della Musica)

Samuel Blaser: Missing Marc Suetterlyn from 18 Monologues Elastiques (Out Note / Blaser Music)

OyvindLAND: Den Ensomme from Malerier (OraFonogram)

Rez Abbasi: Diminishing from Django Shift (Whirlwind)

Clover: Le Chemin (Vertueux) from Vert Emeraude (Yolk)

Tim Thornton: Forced from Little One (AMPMusic and Recordings)

Federica Michisanti Horn Trio: Qalb Il Verde from Jeux De Couleurs (Parco Della Musica)

Christoph Irniger Trio: Three Little Birds from Open City (Intakt)

Pokaz Trio: Slavonic Dance from Kitsugi (Losen)

Tim Thornton: Passengers from Little One (AMP Music and Recordings)

Wednesday, 26 August 2020

Jazz Today Online - Summer 2020

Listen using the widget on the left....or HERE.

Mihaly Borbely Quartet: Our Favorite Things from Grenadilla (BMC). Mihaly Borbely, reeds, flute; Aron Talas, piano; Balazs Horvath, bass; Hunor G Szabo, drums.

Jorge Roeder: Chabuca Limena from El Suelo Mio (self-released). Jorge Roeder, bass.

Potsa Lotsa XL: Max Bialystock from Silk Songs for Space Dogs (Leo). Silke Eberhard, Jurgen Kupke, Patrick Braun, reeds; Nikolaus Neuser, trumpet; Gerhard Gschlossl, trombone; Johannes Fink, cello; Taiko Saito, vibraphone; Antonis Anissegos, piano; Igor Spallati, bass; Kay Lubke, drums.

Linley Hamilton Quintet: Sure Would Baby from For the Record (Teddy D). Derek O’Connor, saxophone; Linley Hamilton, trumpet; Cian Boylan, keyboards; Mark Egan, bass; Adam Nussbaum, drums.

Andrea Grossi Blend Orchestra: Zephiro from Four Winds (We Insist). Rebecca Roda, Giancarlo Locatelli, Gabriele Fava, Manuel Caliumi, Massimiliano Milesi, reeds; Caterina Biagiarelli, flute; Andrea Baronchelli, trombone; Paolo Malacarne, trumpet; Michele Bonifati, guitar; Simone Quatrana, piano; Andrea Grossi, bass; Filippo Sala, drums.

Andrea Grossi Blend Orchestra: Xanthos from Four Winds (We Insist). As above.

Daniel Bingert: Cinco de Mayo from Berit in Space (Moserobie). Daniel Bingert, composer, arranger, conductor; Per Texas Johansson, Jonas Kullhammar, reeds; Karl Olandersson, trumpet; Charlie Malmberg, piano; Torbjörn Zetterberg, bass; Moussa Fadera, drums.

Xavier Pamplona Septet: Jo-jo Jive from Play The (Casco). Ziv Taubenfeld, Michael Moore, Giuseppe Doronzo, reeds; Alistair Payne, trumpet; Marta Warelis, piano; Raoul van der Weide, bass; George Hadow, drums.

Sebastian Gramss’ Fossile 3: Tame from 16 Tracks to Kill Time (Jazzwerkstatt). Rudi Mahall, clarinet; Sebastian Gramss, bass; Etienne Nillesen, drums.

Juan Vinuesa Jazz Quartet: Red Line Ballad from Blue Shots from Chicago (No Business). Juan F.G. Vinuesa, saxophone; Josh Berman, cornet; Jason Roebke, bass; Mikel Patrick Avery, drums.

Misha Mullov-Abbado: The Infamous Grouse from Dream Circus (Edition). Matthew Herd, Sam Rapley, saxophones; James Davison, trumpet; Liam Dunachie, keyboards; Misha Mullov-Abbado, bass; Scott Chapman, drums.

Jorge Roeder: El Suelo Mio from El Suelo Mio (self-released). Jorge Roeder, bass.

Pauli Lyytinen’s Magnetia Orkesteri: Teknojazz from Hypnosis (Eclipse). Pauli Lyytinen, reeds; Verneri Pohjola, trumpet; Eero Tikkanen, bass; Mika Kallio, drums.

Sunday, 23 August 2020

Playlist - Aug 23rd 2020

Filipe Duarte: Janeiro from Room in the Middle (Shoebill Music)
Manuele Montanari: Blues for Gassman from Movie Medley (Dodicilune)
Kullhammar / Heikinheimo / Meaas Svendsen / Aaltonen: Reflections from The Father, The Sons and The Junnu (Moserobie)
Romano Pratesi: St. Jean from Frizione (DasKapital)
Thumbscrew: Composition No. 79 from The Anthony Braxton Project (Cuneiform)
Martin Wind, Philip Catherine & Ack Van Rooyen: Canter from White Noise (Laika)
Dave Glasser: Dilemonk from Hypocrisy Democracy (HereTiz Music)
3’AIN: Kraska from 3’AIN (Choux De Bruxelles)
Viktor Skokic Sextett Jazz from Basement Music (Jazzland)
Ran Blake & Frank Carlberg: Dr Mabuse from Gray Moon (Red Piano)
Ran Blake & Frank Carlberg: Round Midnight from Gray Moon (Red Piano)
James Copus: Straight Ahead from Dusk (Ubuntu Music)
Thumbscrew: Composition No. 157 from The Anthony Braxton Project (Cuneiform)
Matt Moran Trio: Chord Conversation from Return Trip (Diskonife)
Ainon: Obscure Dreams from Drought (WeJazz)
Chad Taylor Trio: The Shepherd from The Daily Biological (Cuneiform)
Filipe Duarte: Cancao para Guitarra e Contrabaixo from Room in the Middle (Shoebill Music)
Joe Fiedler’s Big Sackbut: Tonal Proportions from Live in Graz (Multiphonics Music)
Romano Pratesi: Spazio Aperto from Frizione (Das Kapital)

Sunday, 9 August 2020

Playlist - Aug 9th 2020

Convergence: Fast Lane from Convergence (self-released)
Dave Milligan: Parcel of Rogues from Momento (self-released)
Clover: Ou Sont les Oiseaux from Vert Emeraude (Yolk)
Dylan Jack Quartet: The Twelve Foot Man Part 1 from The Tale of the Twelve Foot Man (Creative Nation Music)
Gregg August: Sherbet from Dialogues on Race Vol 1 (Iacuessa)
John Scofield, Bill Stewart & Steve Swallow: Hullo Bolinas from Swallow Tales (ECM)
Humair / Blaser / Kanzig: Where Did You Sleep Last Night? from 1291 (Outnote)
Quinsin Nachoff: Violin Concerto I  from Pivotal Arc (Whirlwind)
Dave Milligan: Going Nowhere from Momento (self-released)
Danilo Gallo Dark Dry Tears: The Tree and the Water from Hide, Show Yourself! (Parco Della Musica)
Matt Ulery: Clown Drum from Pollinator (Woolgathering)
Ant Law: Our Church from The Sleeper Wakes (Edition)
Ant Law: Harvest from The Sleeper Wakes (Edition)
Humair / Blaser / Kanzig: Belafonte from 1291 (Outnote)
Andrea Keller Five Below: Suicidal Snails from Life is Brut[if]al (self-released)
New Bone: Nanga Parbat from Longing (CM Records)