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Tuesday 28 December 2021

Pete's Pick of 2021

As always, this is not a ‘Best of 2021’ for two reasons. Firstly, I’ve only heard a fraction of the new releases, so there will be many that I’ve missed. Secondly, this is a choice based upon my own tastes.

And having looked at many other listings, there’s not much in the way of overlap, so maybe it’s a case of ‘different drummer’ syndrome. It may also be the case that many of my choices are released on small independent labels that do not get wide exposure.

I’ve sampled most of these albums on my podcasts. And…. as choosing ten is difficult, I’ve appended a number of other albums that I wouldn’t be without.


Cowboys and Frenchmen – Our Highway (Outside In Music)

This was my first encounter with Cowboys and Frenchmen. Despite the fact that they have two previous releases to their name (...a name adapted from the title of a short film by David Lynch).

The quintet have been together for over five years and comprise Ethan Helm sax and flute, Owen Broder sax, Addison Frei, piano, Ethan O’Reilly bass and Matt Honor drums.

The original music from Ethan Helm comes across as a suite, reflecting the trials and tribulations of life on the road and the solace afforded by nature. The compositions are cleverly structured and the unison playing of the front line is noteworthy.

The album was produced by Ryan Truesdell and recorded live at Subculture in NYC in Sept 2019. And the album release is accompanied by an online video that was live-streamed as part of a virtual tour. It’s well worth investigating if you get the chance. As is the album.

And needless to say, I’ve since acquired their previous albums.


Grand Picture Palace – Grand Picture Palace (WERF)

There are an increasing number of recordings that bring strings into a contemporary jazz setting. And here we have a fine example, with bass player Anneleen Boehme taking the initiative.

Anneleen is probably best known for being part of the LAB Trio. Here she brings together the unusual instrumental line-up of Rob Banken, bass clarinet, Cedric De Lat trumpet, Berlinde Deman, tuba and Matthias De Waele drums. Plus a string quartet. A band she calls Grand Picture Palace.

It’s fascinating stuff. Eight originals from the leader. Sometimes they hint at film music, other times classical. In fact the album opens with a short choral piece. And Anneleen’s mastery of the double bass throughout is impressive.

It’s well worth tracking down. And while you’re about it, why not check out her work with the LAB Trio.


Nezelhorns – Sentiment (Barefoot)

Nezelhorns are a Scandi quintet led by saxophonist Nana Pi Aabo Larsen (or Nana Pi as she is credited on the sleeve). Sentiment is the band’s second recording, their first having been released in 2013. And I might add, played on Jazz Today.

And it’s good to have them back, albeit with two changes in personnel. Composing duties are shared between Nana Pi and trombonist Petter Hangsel and the music has a nice edgy feel, mining territory between post-bop and free.

Completing the band are the always excellent Erik Kimestad on trumpet, and the solid rhythm section of Johannes Vaht on double bass and Kristoffer Rostedt, drums.

I asked Nana Pi how the band got its unusual name. Apparently it came to her while she was vacuuming and playing with words in imaginary languages. As you do. She thinks it might be linked to naesehorn, rhinoceros in Danish. And the fact that the band has a three horn front line. One thing it does however, is make it easy to find them online when the band has a unique name. 

Mario Rom’s Interzone – Eternal Fiction (Traumton)

Eternal Fiction is the Austrian trio’s 4th album and celebrates ten years of playing together. The band comprises Mario Rom, trumpet, Lukas Kranzelbinder, bass and Herbert Pirker on drums.

They’re a band I was lucky enough to see live a few years back. They contrast high-energy romps with bluesy dirges to great effect. And the quality of their musicianship is second to none. In fact, if I had to highlight a band who’s music appealed equally to the head, heart and feet, then Interzone would be on the short list. Along with another (larger) ensemble that Mario and Lukas are part of, Shake Stew.

All four of the Interzone albums deserve your attention. And why not have a peek at their entertaining videos on the band’s webpage. 


Slowfox – Freedom (Rent a Dog)

An international trio that have turned up before on Pete’s Pick, back in 2015. Hayden Chisholm, saxophone and flute, Philip Zoubek, piano and leader Sebastian Gramss on bass.

Their latest release presents fourteen short melodic originals from Sebastian, plus one number based on a traditional Korean Song. And like their previous two albums, the track titles use words from a quotation; on this occasion, one attributed to Nina Simone.

Philip occasionally uses ‘prepared’ piano and on three tracks Sebastian features his spacebass, a modified double bass with twelve additional sympathetic strings.

And as I said in my comments back in 2015, it’s interesting to compare Slowfox with another trio that Sebastian leads, Fossile 3 (with Rudi Mahall on clarinet and Etienne Nillesen drums). Fossile 3 occupy somewhat freer ground, but are equally creative in their approach. In fact it would be fascinating to hear both groups amalgamated as a quintet. I suggested to Sebastian that he could call them Fossile Fox. He said he would bear it in mind (!)


Unscientific Italians - Play the Music of Bill Frisell Vol 1 (Hora)

Unscientific Italians are an 11-piece ensemble led by pianist Alfonso Santimone. They boast an impressive front line, featuring some of the top players on the Italian scene. In amongst are Filipo Vignato, Fulvio Sigurta, Piero Bittolo Bon and Francesco Bigoni, underpinned by the stellar rhythm section of Alfonso, Danilo Gallo and Zeno De Rossi.

Many of the musicians have worked together for the now-dormant El Gallo Rojo label and at times their tight interplay reminded me of the wonderful Italian Instabile Orchestra.

Their debut focusses on seven of Bill Frisell’s early compositions arranged and conducted by Mr Santimone. And it obviously has the approval of the composer, as the cover art was supplied by Bill himself.

It’s the first of three releases on the fledgling Hora Record label. And fortunately, it sounds like we will only have to wait until 2022 for Vol 2.


Jakop Janssonn – Bricoleur (Finito Bacalao)

Often an album released at the end of a year doesn’t get to my ears until the New Year. Such was the case with this little gem, released in October 2020 but only came my way in February. It’s the debut release of percussionist Jakop Janssonn and features the trio of Jakop, violinist Hakon Aase and tuba player Daniel Herskedal.

Hakon and Daniel have international reputations, but I’d not encountered Jakop before. He hails from the north of Norway and his music is influenced by the traditional music of that region, particularly the music of the indigenous Sami people. But surprisingly, it doesn’t have you looking for that warm puffer jacket; it has a folkish warmth and charm.

Bricoleur means someone who builds or creates using whatever materials are available. And appropriately the CD cover shows a Nordic shack built with what looks like flotsam and jetsam.

Intriguing music from three skilled musicians, together with occasional support from the Arctic Philharmonic. You can find Bricoleur on the Tromso-based Finito Bacalao Record label.


Jared Schonig – Two Takes Vol I: Quintet & Vol II: Big Band (Anzic)

The two disc set Two Takes is a major project for drummer Jared Schonig and one that should raise his profile considerably. 

The first disc features his quintet with Marquis Hill on trumpet, Godwin Louis on alto sax, Luis Perdomo piano and Matt Clohesy bass. They address eight originals from the leader, interspersed with short drum interludes.

The second disc features the same compositions interpreted by big band. Two different big bands in fact, with overlapping personnel. They include top players from the East Coast scene, such as Jon Gordon, Donny McCaslin, Marshall Gilkes and Nir Felder. And aside from the leader, the only musician to appear on both discs is bassist Matt Clohesy.

Both big bands are conducted by Matt Holman, although each of the eight originals has a different arranger (including Alan Ferber, Jim McNeely and Darcy James Argue). And they make the most of the power at their disposal.

It’s fascinating to compare the different approaches taken by small group and big band. Both fall into the modern mainstream and Jared propels each of the ensembles with his dynamic drumming.  


Wako – Live in Oslo (Ora Fonogram)

Music recorded between lockdowns, at two concerts in Oslo in 2020; the Oslo Jazz Festival in August and at the National Jazzscene in November. From a quartet that is rapidly making a name for itself inside and outside of Scandinavia.

The three tracks that were recorded in August feature just the quartet; saxophonist Martin Myhre Olsen, pianist Kjetil Mulelid, bassist Bardur Reinert Poulsen and drummer Simon Olderskog Albertsen.

The six tracks recorded in November add like-minded guests in the guise of saxophonist Tore Brunborg, violinist Adrian Loseth Waade, percussionist Kyrre Laastad and clarinettist Lars Horntveth, who also doubles on steel guitar. They add a different dimension to the group sound, especially the presence of vibes and steel guitar.

It’s the bands fifth album, and like its predecessors moves from fiery to reflective. A band that I’m sure would be great to see live. Wherever.


Linda Fredriksson – Juniper (We Jazz)

On my ‘Pick’ so far we’ve had music recorded in Denmark and Norway. Now its music from Finland. An indication that the Nordic scene is still as vibrant as ever.

This is Linda’s debut as sole leader. Until now she is probably best known for her work with the trio MOPO and on this recording plays baritone and alto saxophones as well as bass clarinet, guitar and keyboards.

Adding layers to the sound are Tuomo Prattala on keyboards, Minna Koivisto, synthesiser, Mikael Saastamoinen bass and Olavi Louhivuori drums. All recorded at various locations over the past two years.

Apparently most of Linda’s seven originals were composed with just voice, guitar and piano. The result is a magical and haunting album featuring some memorable tunes. A leader who deserves greater recognition outside of her native Finland.


Despite the pandemic, there’s been a lot of good music issued in 2021. Here are some more albums I wouldn’t be without:

Robert Jukic – Caminos de Gloria (SBC); Paul Berner & Michael Moore – Amulet (Ramboy); Reverso – Live (OutNote); Artifacts - …and then there’s this (Astral Spirits); Maridalen – Maridalen (Jazzland); John Pope Quintet – Mixed With Glass (New Jazz & Improvised Music Recordings); Horse Orchestra – The Milkman Cometh (self-released); Fergus McCreadie – Cairn (Edition); Broken Cycle – Broken Cycle 2 (Sunny Sky); Igor Yakovenko – The Music Machine (Fancy Music); Joris Roelofs – Rope Dance (Bis); Emma Famin – Limbo (Ears & Eyes); Knimes Acoustic Group – Adventures in Improvised Music (Envelope); David Leon – Aire De Agua (Out of Your Head); NoSax NoClar – Red Sisters (Yolk); Luke Bainbridge – Surface Tension (self-released); Clover – Paradigme (Yolk); Florian Arbenz – Conversation #2 and #3 (self-released); Alban Darche – Le Gros Cube #2 (Yolk); Michel Portal – MP85 (Label Bleu); Noah Preminger & Kim Cass – Thunda (Dry Bridge); Nazareno Caputo – Phylum (Aut); Vasko Atanasovski Adrabesa Quartet – Phoenix (Moonjune); Steven Kamperman – City Map (Zennez); Woody Black 4 – The Lost Tapes (ORF); Christof Thewes Quartet – SurRealBook G (Gligg); En Garde! – Apocalypso (Gateway); Nu Quartet – NUQ (Clear Now); Ben Goldberg – Everything Happens To Be (BAG).

Sunday 26 December 2021

Playlist - Dec 26th / 29th 2021

Matt Ridley: Stranger Things from The Antidote (Ubuntu Music)

Pepa Paivinen: Personal Breath from Personal Breath (Orbit 577)

Mark Lockheart: Marmalade Skies from Dreamers (Edition)

Enrique Pena: Incertidumbre from Intersticios (Ears & Eyes)

Andrew Cyrille Quartet: Go Happy Lucky from The News (ECM)

John Law’s Congregation: Scandinavian Lullaby from Configuration (Ubuntu Music)

Pepa Paivinen: Aphelium from Personal Breath (Orbit 577)

The Brass Funkeys: Uncle Thirsty from Crunch (self-released)

Sunday 19 December 2021

Playlist - Dec 19th / 22nd 2021

Steven Kamperman: Mall from City Maps (Zennez)

Francesco Baiguera: Instantanea from Post Jazz Chamber Music (Aut)

Karmen Roivassepp Quartet: Vastuvoolu Uju from Breathe (Jaeger Community Music)

Angelika Niescier, Hilmar Jensson & Scott McLemore: Cut Stars from Broken Cycle 2 (Sunny Sky)

Scottish National Jazz Orchestra: Peace from Where Rivers Meet (SNJO/Spartacus)

Steven Kamperman: Harbour from City Maps (Zennez)

Michael Moore & Simon Nabatov: Three Stories, One End from Ancient Sorrow (Ramboy)

Johnathan Blake: LLL from Homeward Bound (Blue Note)

Sunday 12 December 2021

Playlist - Dec 12th / 15th 2021

Erik Palmberg: Conversations from In Between (Naxos)

Unscientific Italians: Rob Roy from Play The Music of Bill Frisell Vol 1 (Hora)

Angelika Niescier, Hilmar Jensson & Scott McLemore: Der Leiermann from Broken Cycle 2 (Sunny Sky)

Josh Sinton: b.1.iv from b. (FIP Recordings)

Andre Carvalho: Uitwaaien from Lost in Translation (Outside In Music)

Unscientific Italians: Twenty Years from Play The Music of Bill Frisell Vol 1 (Hora)

Alban Darche Le Gros Cube #2: Le Mort Joyeux from Histoire Sans Paroles (Yolk)

Sunday 5 December 2021

Playlist - Dec 5th / 8th 2021

Adan Mizrahi: Javastraat from Dissident (Ears & Eyes)

Jorge Rossy, Robert Landfermann & Jeff Ballard: Adios from Puerta (ECM)

Julie Sassoon Quartet: Missed Calls from Voyages (Jazzwerkstatt)

Joost Lijbaart, Sanne Rambags & Bram Stadhouders: Hjemme from Trinity (Challenge)

Joost Lijbaart: Velocity from Free (Challenge)

Bill Carrothers & Vincent Courtois: Circle Game from Firebirds (Label La Buissonne)

Jorge Rossy, Robert Landfermann & Jeff Ballard: Tainos from Puerta (ECM)

Bill Carrothers & Vincent Courtois: The Icebird from Firebirds (Label La Buissonne)

Rachel Eckroth: Low Hanging Fruit from The Garden (Rainy Days)

Sunday 28 November 2021

Playlist - Nov 28th / Dec 1st 2021

Ivo Neame: Strega from Glimpses of Truth (Whirlwind)

Bleu: Infinitely Precious from Deeper (Traumton)

Florian Arbenz: Scarlet Woman from Conversation #4 Vulcanised (self-released)

Adam Fairhall & Johnny Hunter: Roll Out the Barrel from Winifred Atwell Revisited (EFPI)

FLEN: Chemtrails from No 1 (self-released)

Jurgen Kupke & Hannes Zerbe: Mona Lisa from Mona Lisa (Jazzhausmusik)

Bleu: Circled Pink Seven from Deeper (Traumton)

Robert Jukic: Ogluseli from Caminos de Gloria (Slovenia Broadcasting Co.)

Thursday 25 November 2021

Jazz Today Online - Autumn 2021

Listen using the widget on the left….or HERE.

Horse Orchestra: I Got Rhythm from The Milkman Cometh (self-released). Erik Kimestad, trumpet; Petter Hangsel, trombone; Ingimar Andersen, sax; Kristian Tangvik, tuba; Jeppe Zeeberg, keys; Nicolai Kaas Claesson, bass; Rune Lohse, drums.

Reverso: Blue Feather from The Melodic Line (Out Note). Ryan Keberle, trombone; Frank Woeste, piano; Vincent Courtois, cello.

Linda Fredriksson: Transit in the Softest Forest, Walking, Sad, No More Sad, Leaving from Juniper (We Jazz). Linda Fredriksson, sax; Tuomo P , keys; Minna Koivisto, synth; Mikael Sastamoinen, bass; Olavi Louhivouri, drums.

Clover: Canvas from Paradigme (Yolk). Alban Darche, sax; Jean-Louis Pommier, trombone; Sebastien Boisseau, bass.

Artifacts: Pleasure Palace from ....And Then There’s This (Astral Spirits). Nicole Mitchell, flute; Tomeka Reid , cello; Mike Reed, drums.

Alisa Ten, Roust Poziumski, Vladimir Gavriushov & Vladimir Volkov: Cape Ann from Eliot Songs (Fancy Music). Alisa Ten, vocals; Roust Poziumski and Vladimir Gavriushov, viola da gamba; Vladimir Volkov, bass.

Florian Arbenz: Homenaje from Conversations #2 and #3 (self-released). Jim Hart, vibes; Florian Arbenz, drums.

Huw V Williams: 13-01-18 from Equidistant Between (self-released).George Crowley, clarinet; Huw V Williams, bass; Devin Gray, drums.

Jared Schonig: Sound Evidence from Two Takes Vol II – Big Band (Anzic). feat: Nir Felder, guitar; Alan Ferber and Marshall Gilkes, trombone; Donny McCaslin, Jason Rigby and Jon Gordon, sax; Jared Schonig, drums.

Sunday 21 November 2021

Playlist - Nov 21st / 24th 2021

Michael Feinberg: The Husafell Stone from Hard Times (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Paul Berner & Michael Moore: Amulet from Amulet (Ramboy)

Gorm Askjaer Secret Safari: Slow Surf in Cold Hawaii from First Movement (Jaeger Community Music)

Marc Johnson: Love Theme from Spartacus from Overpass (ECM)

Ian Shaw, Iain Ballamy & Jamie Safir: You’ll Never Get to Heaven if You Break My Heart from What’s New (Silent Wish)

Ben Tiberio: Telepath in Monotone from Rare Peace (Outside In Music)

Paul Berner & Michael Moore: The Man I Love from Amulet (Ramboy)

Woody Black 4: Tsipouro-Party from The Lost Tapes (ORF)

Milena Jancuric: Circle and Lines from Shapes and Stories (A.MA)

Sunday 14 November 2021

Playlist - Nov 14th / 17th 2021

Reverso: Absinthe from The Melodic Line (Out Note)

Malcolm Jiyane Tree-O: Ntate Gwangwa’s Stroll from Umdali (Mushroom Hour Half Hour)

Anastasios Savvopoulos Azure: Debonair from Convex Mirrors (AUT)

Woody Black 4: Der Spezialist und die Schwachstelle from The Lost Tapes (ORF)

Adam Fairhall & Johnny Hunter: Black & White Rag from Winifred Atwell Revisited (EFPI)

Byron Wallen: Fundamental from Portrait (Twilight Jaguar)

Reverso: Blue Feather from The Melodic Line (Out Note)

En Garde!: Apocalypso from Apocalypso (GatewayMusic)

Sunday 7 November 2021

Playlist - Nov 7th / 10th 2021

Emma Famin: Lennies Pennies from Limbo (Ears & Eyes)

Erkin Cavus & Reentko Dirks: Pera from Istanbul 1900 (Traumton)

Christof Thewes Quartet: Good Situation for Disaster from SurRealBook G (Gligg)

Fergus McCreadie: The Stones of Brodgar from Cairn (Edition)

Theo Girard: Roller Coaster from Pensees Rotatives (Discobole)

Erkin Cavus & Reentko Dirks: Sokak Arasi from Istanbul 1900 (Traumton)

Friends & Neighbors: Untitled from The Earth is # (Clean Feed)

Emma Famin: La Retirada from Limbo (Ears & Eyes)


Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoustiks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 31 October 2021

Playlist Oct 31st / Nov 3rd 2021

Artifacts: Pleasure Palace from ....And Then There’s This (Astral Spirits)

Emitime: Corcho Blanco from Scarce (Ears & Eyes)

Gordon Grdina: Always Been The Song II from Pendulum (Attaboygirl)

Luke Bainbridge: U-Turn from Surface Tension (self-released)

Igor Yakovenko: F#9aosf from The Music Machine (Fancy Music)

Enzo Carniel & Filippo Vignato: Aria from Aria (Menace)

Artifacts: Blessed from ....And Then There’s This (Astral Spirits)

Lionel Loueke: Footprints from Close Your Eyes (Sounderscore)

Sunday 24 October 2021

Playlist Oct 24th / 27th 2021

Horse Orchestra: I Got Rhythm from The Milkman Cometh (self-released)

Linda Fredriksson: Transit in the Softest Forest, Walking, Sad, No More Sad, Leaving from Juniper (We Jazz)

Sean Conly: From C to Sea from The Buzz (577)

Dinosaur: For One from To The Earth (Edition)

Landeck / Grau / Bonica: Falscher Tango from Guerilla Jazz (Jazzhausmusik)

Linda Fredriksson: Pinetree Song from Juniper (We Jazz)

Cluster Quartet: Squirrel from Second Brain (Green Deer Music)

Legraux Tobrogoi: Turbulances from Pantagruel Resolu (Alfred Productions)

Sunday 17 October 2021

Playlist Oct 17th / 20th 2021

The Dave Mullen Ensemble: The Grind from Solace (Mullsoul Music)

Frederik Villmow Trio: Open Landscape One from Motion (Losen)

Jared Schonig: Sound Evidence from Two Takes Vol II – Big Band (Anzic)

Robert Jukic: Spet from Caminos De Gloria (Slovenian Broadcasting Co.)

Hank Roberts Sextet: Sat / Sun Pa Tu X from Science of Love (Sunnyside)

Thomas Clausen Trio: Nature Boy from Back 2 Basics (Stunt)

Jared Schonig: Sound Evidence from Two Takes Vol I – Quintet (Anzic)

Sunday 10 October 2021

Playlist - Oct 10th / 13th 2021

Luke Bainbridge: Pitch-Class Sex Machine from Surface Tension (self-released)

Duo Doyna: Driftin’ from Driftin’ (Jazzhausmusik)

Horse Orchestra: Mr One from The Milkman Cometh (self-released)

Matthew Stevens: Ambler from Pittsburgh (Whirlwind)

Fergus McCreadie: Across Flatlands from Cairn (Edition)

Clover: Canvas from Paradigme (Yolk)

Matthew Stevens: Purpose of a Machine from Pittsburgh (Whirlwind)

Helen Sung w Harlem Quartet: Wrong Key Donkey from Quartet + (Sunnyside)

Sunday 3 October 2021

Playlist - Oct 3rd / 5th 2021

Mariana Zwarg Sexteto Universal: Pra Ele from Nascentes (Scubidu)

Allison Miller & Jane Ira Bloom: Rowing in the Dark  from Tues Days (Outline)

Paul Edis: Muddle Through from The Still Point of the Turning World (Lateralize)

Huw V Williams: 13-01-18 from Equidistant Between (self-released)

Alex Louloudis: The Magic of 3 from Words (Off Record)

Henry Threadgill Zooid: Beneath the Bottom from Poof (Pi Recordings)

Paul Edis: Will-O’-The-Wisp from The Still Point of the Turning World (Lateralize)

Chet Doxas Trio: You Can’t Take It With You from You Can’t Take It With You (Whirlwind)

Sunday 26 September 2021

Playlist - Sept 26th / 29th 2021

Bounce Alarm: Swing and Sweat from Bouncing Through Some Banging Tunes (Barka Productions)

Artturi Ronka & Daniel Sommer: Blues from Varo (Eclipse Music)

Alisa Ten, Roust Poziumski, Vladimir Gavriushov & Vladimir Volkov: Cape Ann from Eliot Songs (Fancy Music)

Jon Gordon: Pointillism from Stranger Than Fiction (Artist Share)

Ant Law: Our Church from The Sleeper Wakes (Edition)

Umlaut Big Band: Medi No2 from Mary’s Ideas (Umlaut)

Nick Fraser Quartet: Shoe Dancefrom If There Were No Opposites (Ezzthetics)

James Gilmore: Crazy from Decorating Time (Ears & Eyes)

Bounce Alarm: Hans Tanks Gate from Bouncing Through Some Banging Tunes (Barka Productions)

Sunday 19 September 2021

Playlist - Sep 19th 2021

NoSax NoClar: Promotion 23 from Red Sisters (Yolk)

Julian Hesse: Mantra from Troubleshooter (HGBSBlue)

Eve Beuvens: Jolene from Inner Geography (Igloo)

Michal Bak Quartetto: The Strength from Fortress (Alpaka)

Huw V Williams: 15+16-01-18 from Equidistant Between (self-released)

NoSax NoClar: Bleuet from Red Sisters (Yolk)

Julian Hesse: The Point from Troubleshooter (HGBSBlue)

Chuck Owen and The Jazz Surge: Sparks Fly from Within Us (Summit / Mama)

Sunday 12 September 2021

Playlist - Sep 12th 2021

Ferg Ireland Trio: Ludwick Blues from Ferg Ireland Trio (Mondegreen)

Florian Arbenz: Homenaje from Conversations #2 and #3 (self-released)

Tim Boniface: The Second Word from The Eight Words (self-released)

Tim Boniface: The Fifth Word from The Eight Words (self-released)

Tony Kofi: Work Song from Another Kind of Soul (The Last Music Co.)

Florian Arbenz: Wooden Lines from Conversations #2 and #3 (self-released)

Sunday 5 September 2021

Playlist - Sep 5th 2021

Thomas Torstrup Quartet: Transcribed Rainbows from Two Brothers (NXN Recordings)

Let Spin: Morecambe from Steal the Light (EFPI)

Dinosaur: Absinthe from To The Earth (Edition)

Fergus McCreadie: North from Cairn (Edition)

Acoustic Triangle: Bourdion from Resonance (audio-b)

Thomas Torstrup Quartet: Learn to Play a Drum from Two Brothers (NXN Recordings)

Sunday 29 August 2021

Playlist - Aug 29th 2021

Sloth in the City: Remembered Music from Remember Music (self-released)

Kathrine Windfeld Big Band: Undertow from Orca (Stunt)

Francesco Del Prete: Lo Gnomo from Cor Cordis (Dodicilune)

Flukten: Jonas Og Hvalen from Velkommen Hap (Odin)

Barry Altschul’s 3Dom Factor: Long Tall Sunshine from Long Tall Sunshine (Not Two)

Keyna Wilkins: So What Little Prelude in D Minor from So What Bach (self-released)

Adrian Moncada 6tet: NGC6357 from Inhabitable Imagination (self-released)

Francesco Del Prete: Il Teschio e la Farfalla from Cor Cordis (Dodicilune)


Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoustiks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 22 August 2021

Playlist - Aug 22nd / 25th 2021

Nathalie Loriers: Rafales from Le Temps Retrouve (Igloo)

Simone Graziano: When the Party’s Over from Embracing the Future (Auand)

David Leon: Horrible, Horrible Service from Aire De Agua (Out of Your Head)

Let Spin: The Aftermath from Steal the Light (EFPI)

Kevin Sun: Dovetail from <3 Bird (Endectomorph)

Yaniv Taubenhouse: Blue Forest from Moments in Trio Vol 3 - Road (Fresh Sound New Talent)

Simone Graziano: Tancredi from Embracing the Future (Auand)

David Leon: First You Must Learn the Grip from Aire De Agua (Out Of Your Head)

Sunday 15 August 2021

Playlist - Aug 15th / 18th 2021

Flukten: Budeie Boogie from Velkommen Hap (Odin)

Trio Sin Tiempo: Bety from Ritmos de Agua (577)

Jean-Marc Foltz: Hippopotorganum Magnum from Wild Beasts (Vision Fugitive)

Daniele Martini Quartet: Impermanent from Impermanent (El Negocito)

Dominique Pifarely: Grille de Parole from Suite: Anabasis (Jazzdor Series)

Dinosaur: Slow Loris from To the Earth (Edition)

Jean-Marc Foltz: Croc from Wild Beasts (Vision Fugitive)

Timo Lassy: Better Together from Trio (WeJazz)

Sunday 8 August 2021

Playlist - Aug 8th / 11th 2021

Mikael Mani: Ani from Nostalgia Machine (Smekkleysa)

Aki Rissanen: Stream Lines from Divided Horizon (Edition)

Adam Pieronczyk: The World We Have Lost from I’ll Colour Around It (Jazzsound)

Troen-Arnesen Quartet: Interlid from Tread Lightly (Losen)

Revival Room: Slippy from Revival Room (EFPI)

Johnny Hunter Quartet: Study 4 from Studies in Lockdown (EFPI)

Post-Sun-Vision: On the Floor in His Room Smelling Women’s Perfume from Once a Honey (AMP Music & Records)

Revival Room: Red Room from Revival Room (EFPI)


Intro / Outro – Stephane Huchard: Jakawa Jungle Spoon from Toutakoustiks (Blue Note Fr)

Sunday 1 August 2021

Playlist - Aug 1st / 4th 2021

Shijin: Golden Age from Theory of Everything (Alter-Nativ)

Enrico Pieranunzi: Klimt from Frame (CamJazz)

Pillars of Society: Fjords from Pivots (TakeThat!)

Mario Pavone Dialect Trio + 1: Blue Vertical from Blue Vertical (Out of Your Head)

Fapy Lafertin New Quartet: Torontoi Emlek from Atlantico (Fremeaux & Associes)

Jonas Cambien Trio: Mantis from Nature Hath Painted the Body (Clean Feed)

Enrico Pieranunzi: Blues for Pollock from Frame (Cam Jazz)

Pillars of Society: La La La from Pivots (TakeThat!)

Dinamitri Open Combo: Umanita’ from Mappe Per l’Eden (Felmay)

Sunday 25 July 2021

Playlist - July 25th / 28th 2021

Noah Haidu: Chambers of Tain from Doctone (Sunnyside)

Joaquin Muro: La Tierra Colorada y Las Manos from Oximoron (Ears & Eyes)

Nathalie Loriers: Zephirs from Le Temps Retrouve (Igloo)

Alberto Braida & Giancarlo Nino Locatelli: Once It Was the Color of Saying from From Here From There (We Insist!)

Alex Levine: Special Adaptations : Bellano Lake from Special Adaptations Vol 1 (Aut)

Duo Fines Lames: Bluette from In Time Brubeck (La Saugrenue)

Matt Ridley: The Minotaur from The Antidote (Ubuntu Music)

Thursday 22 July 2021

Jazz Today Online - Summer 2021

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Knimes Acoustic Group: Clean from Adventures in Improvised Music (Envelope). Yiannis Marinos, trombone; Jose Cervera, sax; Ignacio Santoro, bass; Matthijs de Ridder, drums.

Maridalen: Pa Gjensyn from Maridalen (Jazzland). Anders Hefre, sax; Jonas Kilmork Vernoy, trumpet; Andreas Rodland Haga, bass.

Joris Roelofs: Beware the Buffoon! from Rope Dance (BIS). Joris Roelofs, clarinet; Bram van Sambeek, bassoon; Bram de Looze, piano; Clemens van der Feen, bass; Martijn Vink, drums.

Slowfox: Tell from Freedom (Rent a Dog), Hayden Chisholm, sax; Philip Zoubek, piano; Sebastian Gramss, bass.

Josefine Cronholm, Kirk Knuffke & Thommy Andersson: I Don’t Know from Near The Pond (Stunt). Josefine Cronholm, vocals; Kirk Knuffke, cornet & vocals; Thommy Andersson, bass; Kenny Wollesen, percussion.

Ben Goldberg: What About from Everything Happens To Be (BAG). Ben Goldberg, clarinet; Ellery Eskelin, sax; Mary Halvorson, guitar; Michael Formanek, bass; Tomas Fujiwara, drums.

Nezelhorns: Red Ballet Shoes from Sentiment (Barefoot). Nana Pi Aabo Larsen, sax; Petter Hangsel, trombone, Erik Kimestad, trumpet; Johannes Vaht, bass; Kristoffer Rostedt, drums.

Daniel Erdmann & Stephane Payen: Wailing – Tidd’s Place from BricaBracoManiacs (Yolk). Daniel Erdmann tenor sax; Stephane Payen, alto sax; Paul Erdmann, viola.

Gretchen Parlato: E Preciso Perdoar from Flor (Edition). Gretchen Parlato, vocals; Marcel Camargo, guitar; Artyom Manukyan, cello; Leo Costa, percussion.

Howl Quartet: Woof from Life As We See It (self-released). Dan Smith, alto sax; Harry Brunt, tenor sax; Peter Komor, bass; Matt Parkinson, drums.