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JAZZ TODAY ONLINE is a quarterly cloudcast of some of the best tracks to appear on JAZZ TODAY.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Jazz Today Online: Summer Edition

The Summer 2012 Edition of Jazz Today Online is now available for your listening pleasure!

Click on the green arrow to the left. Here is the full playlist:

Vasko Atanasovski Visions Ensemble: Midnight Summer Concert 3 from Bohemia (self-released). Vasko Atanasovski, saxophone; Simone Zanchini, accordion; Zoltan Lantos and Xu Fengxia, strings; Michel Godard, tuba; Ziga Golob, bass; Krunoslav Levacic, drums.

Tva For Tommy: Baby Boom Boom from Tva For Tommy (Found You Recordings). Fredrik Ljungkvist, clarinet; Mattias Stahl, vibes; Patric Thorman, bass.

Lochs Balthaus Herskedal: Zany from Choices (Berthold). Bert Lochs, trumpet; Dirk Balthaus, piano; Daniel Herskedal, tuba.

Nicolai Munch-Hansen: My Man from Chronicles (Stunt). Kira Skov, vocals; Ned Ferm, saxophone; Mads Hyne, trombone; Jakob Bro, guitar; Soren Kjaergaard, piano; Nicolai Munch-Hansen, bass; Jakob Hoyer, drums.

Donat Fisch Quartett: Desmond from Lappland (Unit). Donat Fisch and Andy Scherrer, saxophones; Banz Oester, bass; Norbert Pfammatter, drums.

The Leaping Fish Trio: Finger Prints from Sankofa (El Gallo Rojo). Enrico Terragnoli, banjo; Paulo Botti, viola; Zeno De Rossi, drums.

K Trio: Du Ba De from Recavidur (Dimma). Kristjan Martinsson, piano; Petur Sigurdsson, bass; Magnus Trygvason Eliassen, drums.

Robert Jukic: Charlie from Operation Charlie (dit’ e nat’). Daniele D’Agaro, reeds; David Jahr, trumpet; Goran Krmac, tuba; Robert Jukic, bass; Wolfi Rainer, drums.

Yuri Honing Acoustic Quartet: Paper Bag from True (Challenge). Yuri Honing, saxophone; Wolfert Brederode, piano; Ruben Samara, bass; Joost Lijbaart, drums.

Ted Nash: Plastic Sax Rumble from The Creep (Plastic Sax). Ted Nash, saxophone; Ron Horton, trumpet; Paul Sikivie, bass; Ulysses Owens, drums.

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